Award-winning producer Jah Born caught our attention with some solid instrumental cuts from his stash and it is only right for us to share it with our loyal readers.

The first one is “Magnetic” and it’s magnificent from the jump. The punchy boom-bap drum grooves drive the track while the lush atmospheric textures slowly engulf the beat and exude a mix of lo-fi and soulful vibes.

Get “Magnetic” on YouTube, Apple MusicDeezer .

The second cut “Tha Love Love” is a collaboration with Tony Ballard. The laidback r&b cut is ripe with punchy drum grooves and sublime musical arrangements. Lush moody keys, pulsating basslines, strings, and a smooth backing vocal harmony to tie it up. This is a solid r&b beat that needs to be shared with the rest of the world.

Get it “Tha Love Love” on YouTubeDeezer, Apple MusicSoundCloud


Jah Born is a 2x Grammy award winner and the producer of Erykah Badu‘s “On & On.”


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