Gumbo is a rap duo made up of  Caro Adé and Danger have joined forces with the legendary Chuck D and Public Enem for this one-of-a-kind project that infuses art, and activism with that raw unfiltered hip-hop ambiance. Under the aegis of  Black Lives Matter Grassroots, the project boasts to deliver a wide range of products ranging from thought-provoking music, limited/exclusive merch curated by renowned stylist Tony MAGNETIC and artwork by Tristan Childs, along with GUMBO’s highly anticipated debut album, Stir The Pot. While we wait for the album to be released, they bless the listeners with the lead single “All True” which helps whet their taste buds. Over the dark gloomy soundscape and thumping drum breaks, the rappers reflect on the centuries of how America has used the blood, sweat and tears of blacks to build their wealth and the never-ending disdain they show towards the welfare of black folks. Caro Adé and Danger hold nothing back as they verbally eviscerate the powers that be with scathing truths while at the same time enlightening the listeners with knowledge for their headtops.


“All True” is the focus track for “Stir The Pot”, the upcoming album from Gumbo with Chuck D set to release on Friday, April 5th.




A Little About GUMBO

GUMBO is the collaborative powerhouse of Caro Adé and D4ngerboy, two influential figures in contemporary hip-hop. With a unique blend of styles and a commitment to meaningful storytelling, GUMBO is set to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

A Little About Chuck D

Chuck D is a legendary figure in hip-hop, known for his influential role as a rapper, author, and producer. As a co-founder of the iconic group Public Enemy, Chuck D has been a driving force in shaping the landscape of socially conscious rap music.

A Little About About Black Lives Matter Grassroots

Black Lives Matter Grassroots supports, sustains, empowers, and uplifts the necessary agitations, mobilizations, organizing, education, expressions, initiatives, and advocacy of Black Lives Matter chapters, partnering organizations, groups and people in order worldwide to fulfill our sacred duty to advance Black liberation.


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