Rock fusion duo The Oddysy  team up with the legendary Chuck D for this thought-provoking and gripping cut titled “BANG BANG.”  Fronted by NYC singer and jazz bassist KJ and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee DJ Johnny Juice (Public Enemy), the duo craft a hard-hitting rock-rap jam laced with an anthemic protest message that focuses on pro-civil rights with a deep anti-trump element as well. As the title suggests, it also tackles the alarming increase in gun violence in America while encouraging the new generation to stand up and not make the same mistakes their predecessors did to fix this broken system.

The visuals are pretty cinematic and dark as director Ato Essandoh, best know his roles in Altered Carbon (Netflix), Chicago Med, Jason Bourne, VINYL (HBO), and X-Men: Dark Phoenix gives the song a dystopian feel that is both bleak and disastrous.  It sure serves as a warning to us to try to avoid tumbling down this path.

“BANG BANG” is taken from their forthcoming debut album, You Must Be Just Don’t Know Who I Is, and includes performances by Chuck D, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Leaders of the New School, Garrett Shider (George Clinton / Parliament) and Kool Kim.


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