Veteran producer Krohme has teased some singles prior to the release of his latest offering titled Legacy. The 7 track maxi-single comes with 3 original tracks, 2 remixes and a radio version of the title track. The project features more than a handful of legendary hiphop-acts/pioneers like Daddy-O of Stetsasonic, Kool Kim of UMCs, Chill Rob G of Flavor Unit, and P-Nut of 311 cement, Speech and the Impossebulls.

The title track “Legacy” sets the tone with a cinematic aesthetic made up of crunchy drum breaks and layered textures that weave into each other like silk fabric. Here, Krohme recruits legendary emcees Daddy-O, Kool Kim, Chill Rob G and Aaron “P-Nut” Wills to help bring the track to life. The message here talks about socio-political issues ranging from urban decay, despair and disenfranchisement in the hood. Lines like “Here we go again, active shooter/It’s just the weekend, maybe you need a tutor” describe the gloomy air we live in amongst other things. At the end, the song reminds us to break free of the mental chains and create our legacies that will live on. The next track “Come2getherNow” features Arrested Development’s leader Speech & The Impossibulls. The production is quite edgy and blends West African talking drums with anthemic horns and classic funky drum breaks while Speech’s fiery flows and thoughtful lines like “What could a bulletproof vest do when we wet you with intellectual plans to connect you” spark up our inner passions to fulfil our potential. The fun doesn’t end there as listeners get the full dose of Krohme’s creativity behind the boards.


On “Circle of Lies (Reprise)”  Krohme once again calls up The Impossibulls, the legendary Chuck D and Cesar Soto for a thought-provoking look at the not so glorified political history of the US of A. No one is spared here, as the emcees trace it back to the cold war, Iraqi-Kuwait war, underhanded crude oil policies ,  the infamous New World Order and 9-11. Chuck D sure sounds more than comfortable and peppers the track with a scathing verbal stab as follows “I have been there before, got a letter from the government, still underneath my front door/ the poor get fucked while the rich get amused what is left of the bill of rights/ pimped and abused by the patroits acting like Kings but the black is back, I’m all in with the noise I bring”.


Again the production by Krohme is as dynamic as they come and he blends edgy rock guitars with classic drum breaks and dark pads to deliver a brilliant soundscape with a timely message. “Come2getherNow (Reprise)” features Speech & The Impossibulls and Sparoxzy and this version goes for an alternative rock feel with its punchy drums, frenzied guitar arrangement and a new melodic hook by  Sparoxzy. “Circle of Lies (OG Mix)”  featuring The Impossibuls, Chuck D switches from the rousing original to a soul/funk vibe. The beat here has slick guitar licks, layered drum grooves and anthemic horns to boot. The last cut is “Legacy (Radio Edit)” featuring Daddy-O, Kool Kim, Chill Rob G & Aaron “P-Nut” Wills.

Overall, Krohme does an excellent job in putting this together and crafting a wholesome and cohesive project that taps into the core message of the title itself. Working with legacy acts to talk about things that matter over banging beats. This is exactly what we need in these times.


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