Shag – Happiness

So when Diggler first posed emphasis on “Shag”..It was Volume 7…and by 30 seconds of hearing the production it was making a fan out of me…Now introducing “Vol. 9 Seperation” Very dope and highly skilled craft productions with chops, drum breaks, pauses, and of course sample snipps…Really take a listen to the album…track posted isnt what the definition of the “Seperation” tape portrays…Support the Artist…Drop a donation if you could….ghea!
This collection of beats follows a relationship chronologically. Things start out strong: there’s happiness and loving words being traded, but then things begin to go sour, and a shift occurs. The tape finishes up with tracks dealing with separation, discovering the truth about people, discovering that maybe you’re OKAY with the truth, and discovering that maybe it’s already too late. Ultimately, it leaves you alone…. If you want to contact me, you can at [email protected]
Press Buy Now, Enter “0.00” (because I know you’re a cheap bastard), and enjoy. Donations make me happy.



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