BeNeVoLeNcE – Our First Date(s)

BeNeVoLeNcE – Secret Messages


BeNeVoLeNcE dropped this exclusive album on our forums, and we couldn’t be more happy to pass it on to you guys.

Half of the album is pure instrumental, on the other half, he spits some tight lyrics, over his smooth production. It’s a nice introduction of what BeNeVoLeNcE will have in store for 2011.


BeNeVoLeNcE is an upcoming artist from Mesa, Arizona. Despite his background, his style is heavily influenced by a mixture of acts such as Fat Jon, A Tribe Called Quest, Nujabes, Common Sense, Pete Rock, and Nomak. BeNeVoLeNcE has announced that he’s currently working on his debut album entitled “Save the World.” Even though not much is being said about the album’s concepts or production, he’s put together this demo of 9 pre-released tracks for everyone to check it out for free, to give the fans something to look forward to. Some of the tracks contain lyricism, as others are strictly instrumental. All of the tracks in this short ep/demo are entirely arranged, produced, written, and recorded by BeNeVoLeNcE.

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Tracklist After The Jump…


1. “Our First Date(s)”
2. “Secret Messages”
3. “Another Middle School (First to Last)”
4. “Mistletoe”
5. “Non-Verbal Contract”
6. “Paradise Within Your Words”
7. “Eden”
8. “Offspring”
9. “Grace Reflex

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