In addition to their upcoming tour, they will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary this weekend over at Amoeba Records Store (today) AND at The Echoplex in Echo Park (tomorrow). For those of you who are DJs, some of you have somewhat (in one way or another) been influenced by this legendary crew. To see these guys still around and doing their thing (with a few of the members living in different places but close by) is still awesome! They’re not going anywhere.. and to prove that point, they have something in store just for you if you make it out this weekend.

This evening, at least five of the members will be doing a DJ set at Amoeba. Click here for details.

This saturday, special guests will feature MC Supernatural, The Visionaries, and more (which will be announced later). Also, in addition… the premiere of their short film For The Record, will be shown here, put together by LRG Clothing. There are a few walk-up tickets, so make sure you hurry and get them. Otherwise you’ll be paying $20 at the door.

The Echoplex: twitter
Amoeba Music: twitter
Beat Junkies: twitter
LRG Clothing:  twitter

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