New Orleans, LA-based Hip Hop group MarkRob release their new album titled ‘Coffee and CBD’ available on major digital platforms.

Focus and Hansum Rob, brothers who make up the group, are vetted Hip Hop artists with 20 years of music under their belts, and just recently began sharing that with fans…who couldn’t be more ecstatic.

The 9-track album ‘Coffee and CBD’ is the perfect fusion of jazz and soul looped into classic Hip Hop records. Unique in their own talented right, these brothers come together to transcend listeners through a kaleidoscope of smooth piano keys, funky drum sets, and incomparable bass lines. A journey that is sure to rouse the core and liven all five senses.

The duo delivers what can be noted as an exemplary timeless gem for authentic Hip Hop enthusiasts to embrace and press repeat. Stream/download ‘Coffee and CBD’ on preferred platforms and connect with MarkRob below.

Stream/download ‘Coffee and CBD’ here on preferred platforms

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