Emcee Monte is a talented MC, Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Spoken-word artist and all-around Entertainer from the south side of Chicago. His goal is to make music that tells a story, encourages people and inspires the world through beats and rhymes, keeping Hip Hop alive!

This track and lyric video for #BlackLivesMatter tells of the struggle, the tragedies, and triumphs of the racial climate in America today. It addresses issues of being black in the US, self-love/self-hate, police brutality, racism, pride, and more. This song strongly protests the injustices that people face every day in the US and brings them to light while exploring resolutions to these age-old issues.

Emcee Monte is definitely repping for the cause with this very conscious effort but the Chicago rapper has more in his arsenal so go stream his Soundcloud for more songs whilst you can also get informal with him on his socials – Facebook Instagram Twitter


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