I don’t need to do no introductions or to hype this man right here. If for any reason you have no idea who the man Elzhi is, then you do hip hop a great disservice. Not with his run with one of the most impactful groups of the genre, Slum Village (to which the late J Dilla was a part of) or his ode to one of the greatest albums to hit our shelves as of late in the name of Elmatic (his version of NasIllmatic). Elzhi has got a great track record and he is known for being a god in the rap world which ultimately translates to the fact that anything he does cannot fall below par. Working on his new album which is almost due, Elzhi decides to whet our appetite with this verse  from the track Can’t Lose. It is agonising because the track is so good, damn Elzhi for not serving us with the whole song. Now we have no choice but to keep anticipating the whole album. Keep vigil and be on the look out people. 

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