Emerging producer Elijah Nang presents Gaijin Prelude 3, a 5 track body of work that blends Japanese musical elements with modern musical styles.

The project opens up with the solemn “The 6th Daimyo” with its moody strings, ethereal plucks, and low tonal keys. This is followed by the lofi/soul tune “Breeze II” which has crunchy boom-bap drums, thick basslines, and atmospheric strings to boot. tracks like “Mt. Haranomi” and “Hagakure” switch the pace a bit with the former’s reflective pads, woozy textures, and sparsely arranged drums, and the latter’s clunky groove and ominous strings. The final cut “Gomenasai VIII” closes out the project on a soulful note with stuttered mellow tones, sparkling piano riffs drowned in reverbs, and an ethereal Japanese flute to boot.

Overall, this instrumental tape serves as a perfect backdrop to study to or just for relaxation purposes.


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