We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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MethaPhorce Beats – “Lo Fi Dreams”

MethaPhorce Beats help open up this week’s list with “Lo Fi Dreams”, a soulful and reflective track that is made up of sublime vocal runs, sombre keys and warm textures.




Intylekt – “Yeah, YeaH!”

Intylekt ramps up the energy in his new release titled “Yeah, YeaH!”. Using lush guitar riffs, a gripping vocal sample and head-nodding grooves, Intylekt delivers something solid we all can rock with.


JAKSPIN – “Jazz Delight”

Prolific producer JAKSPIN shares his new single titled “Jazz Delight”, a smooth jazz/lofi/soul-infused record that showcases his profound musicality. The layered arrangement, sublime textures and soothing melodic progressions are what makes this piece engaging from start to finish. You can also watch the official video here.


Ghostnaut – “Sunset Silk”


Montreal producer/instrumentalist Ghostnaut delivers this brilliant piece titled “Sunset Silk”. As the title suggests, it’s as mellow and alluring as they come with its heavenly guitar riffs, lush key arrangement and overall warm textures.


kigiku – “ghost dreams from a ghost boy”.

“ghost dreams from a ghost boy” by kigiku has that quintessential lofi/soul aesthetic which stands out with his own unique style. The mellow keys are airy, and sparse and progress slowly as it takes listeners on an emotional journey.


Deep Dial – “Passenger”


Deep Dial‘s “Passenger” is as reflective as they come and has a cinematic and melancholic vibe. The use of soft piano movements, moody pads and airy synths sure is engaging from start to finish.

Mr. Freed – “Frame Of Mind”.


Mr. Freed gives us “Frame Of Mind”, a chilled jazz-infused lofi joint comprised of playful horns, crisp guitar plucks and a headnodding drum groove to complete the mission.


Halibab Matador – “Ocean/Sea”


Belgian producer Halibab Matador delivers “Ocean/Sea”, a chilled R&b beat made up of lush textures, progressive melodies and an overall nostalgia-inducing aesthetic that is soothing and comforting.





Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “Paris, Arkansas”

Kyle Quentin & The Kyles traverses two locations in their new release  “Paris, Arkansas”. The sombre piano samples and fuzzy nostalgic textures take listeners back to a time when life was different

Mecca:83 – “Cloud Burst”


Mecca:83 delivers this Robert Glasper-inspired instrumental “Cloud Burst” on our playlist. He makes use of warm piano progressions, sombre pads with mellow vocal samples and a bouncy drum groove to complete the mission.


Bmbu – “seaside”.

Bmbu shows us the relaxing effects of being by the “seaside” and its blissfulness. The track is soothing, and mellow and gives that peaceful feeling we all wish for all day.

Gary Alesbrook – “Acacia”

UK producer Gary Alesbrook switches the vibe a bit with this moody and jazzy tune titled “Acacia”. He uses airy horns that help compliment the sombre piano keys and warm strings.

Strawbrry – “Understanding”

Strawbrry shares this tearjerker of a beat titled “Understanding” with us. It surely lives up to the title as it is made up of introspective keys and soul-soothing pads to match.

Le vaag – “Oh Slow”.

Le vaag’s “Oh Slow” is a sombre and soothing piece made up of lush textures with moody pads and soft drum grooves to boot.

Ornithology – “By The Pier”

Ornithology gets us in the mood to relax and study with his new release titled “By The Pier”. The slow build-up sure is relaxing and has a soft aura that slowly transports listeners to a comfort zone.

Elijah Nang – “Kung fu”

Elijah Nang is not new to us and it is only right to share his new release titled “Kung Fu”. The track has moody and eerie textures which are then punctuated by Chinese harp-like instruments. It’s quite cinematic and engaging.

Hoatsin – “Floating Between Days”.

Hoatsin got us “Floating Between Days” in this soulful piece. The track is as atmospheric as they come and the guitar plucks work perfectly with the airy strings and eerie pads.

John Lee x sftspkn – “Horizon”.

“Horizon” is a collaborative track from producers John Lee and sftspkn who team up to deliver the goods. The use of warm piano progressions, airy pads and sublime textures is brilliant and the result is soul-stirring from start to finish.


Mr. Donsai – “Flying Over Water”


Chilean producer Mr. Donsai delivers “Flying Over Water”, a mellow and melancholic track that is sparsely arranged with soft crisp piano riffs.

Starburst Records x strewing – “Mignight Stroll”.

Starburst Records and strewing return with “Mignight Stroll”. The track is a blissful piece made up of crisp piano keys and sombre horns layered over soft grooves

EisZ – “Lost in theory”

French producer EisZ caught our ears with this superb study beat entitled “Lost in theory”. The production has a funky guitar arrangement, and lush textures with sparsely arranged grooves to boot. It also has some off-beat transitions as well which makes it dynamic.

sftspkn – “Riverbanks”

sftspkn takes us to the edge of the “Riverbanks” as he closes out this week’s list on a solid note. The sombre and reflective tune is bolstered by soft piano riffs and warm guitar plucks that give listeners good memories.

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