We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ogi feel the Beat – “Chilled Ways”

Ogi feel the Beat introduces us to the “Chilled Ways” and it sure lives up to expectation. The rousing drums blend perfectly with the pulsating bass riffs, dreamy pads and sublime strings. The track is taken from his new Certain Creation  EP released under Sofa Lofi Records.



Space Van – “Old Dreams”

Space Van gives us some alternative vibes with “Old Dreams”, a dreamy and ethereal piece that is made up of sombre guitar riffs, lush pads and soft drums.


nobel – “Lovers in Japan”

Italian producer Nobel makes his entry on our list with “Lovers in Japan”, a chilled jazzy tune that sees him collaborating with Kick a Dope Verse!. The track is ripe with dusty keys, airy horn riffs and a head-nodding drum groove to match.


Bmbu – “quiet work”


Bmbu returns to our list with “quiet work”, a befitting tune that gives listeners a soul-stirring vibe. The dreamy soundscape, warm basslines and sombre keys all add to create a soothing ambience that listeners can bop their heads to.


s’moore – “The Groove”

s’moore thrills us with “The Groove”, a guitar-driven tune that has hints of jazz,neo soul with lofi vibes. It’s sublime and soothing from start to finish.



Ryply – “Saturday (Instrumental)”

Ryply serves up some somber tune with his new release “Saturday (Instrumental)”, from lush guitars, warm textures and pads, the producer sure deliver the goods with this solid tune.



patient wave x pnkcité x drmycat – “Haze

patient wave , pnkcité and drmycat team up for this brilliant joint titled “Haze“. The track is atmospheric, sublime and dreamy. The layered textures do merge perfectly over the soft drums.

Haquin – “Slumber”

“Slumber” is a summer-tinged sombre beat presented to us by UK producer Haquin. The textures are soothing and the horns blend perfectly and exude a nostalgic feeling for listeners.


Rip_Beatz – “Wishin Everyday

Rip_Beatz makes his entry on our list with “Wishin Everyday“, a chilled and sombre trap beat made up of solemn pads and pitched down vocal chops.

Sounds of Hamilton – “Earth III”

Swedish composer Sounds of Hamilton takes us to another plane in “Earth III”. The production is airy, sublime and ethereal and the way it slowly progresses is alluring and smooth as well.

Hiest – “Nauta”

Hiest makes his debut appearance on our list with his new single “Nauta”. The record is as soothing as the summer breeze and the way the low keys blend with the lush guitar licks are so perfect.


Astronomers of the Strange – “Check In, Burn Out”


Experimental instrumentalist Astronomers of the Strange dropped this brilliant piece Check In, Burn Out” on our decks. The track has a mellow and sublime vibe to it and slowly progresses into a sombre and somewhat reflective piece ripe with cinematic strings and ear-grabbing textures. Taken from his new album Unseen Mosaic.


Damien Sebe – “Memories”


Damien Sebe stirs up our emotions with “Memories”, a nostalgia-inducing piece that is perfect for an evening relaxation session. The guitars are bright and cut through the mix while the moody instruments help touch it up.

Elijah Newkirk – “i’m sorry.”


Elijah Newkirk fuses jazz/chillhop with alternative elements in his new release titled “I’m sorry.” As the title suggests, it’s a solemn and reflective jam ripe with smooth piano and string progressions.

Nick Wolf – “Adrift”

Nick Wolf raises the ante with this sublime effort he calls “Adrift”. It sure lives up to expectations as the ethereal pads and lush strings take listeners to a whole new dimension.

lateve – “cold nights”

lateve caught our ears with his latest effort titled “cold nights”. The soft keys, mellow riffs and head-nodding groove blend perfectly.

kBeats x Second Harbor – “Buddleia Davidii”

Hardworking producers kBeats and Second Harbor deliver this chilled and reflective record titled “Buddleia Davidii”. The sparse and ethereal textures really make this special and its lush guitar riffs are one for the books.

Elijah Nang x Tophat Panda – “Ryūdō”


“Ryūdō” is a melancholic lofi beat by Austrian producers Elijah Nang and Tophat Panda. The arrangement is layered and overall it has a relaxing vibe that listeners can use to soothe their minds.

Sleep Powder – “Frost”

UK producer Sleep Powder drops a solemn emotional tune titled “Frost” on our playlist. The beat is mellow and somewhat dynamic with its ebb and flow and dreamy textures.

Bluesanova – “In The Mood (For Murder)”

Indian producer/instrumentalist Bluesanova makes a grand entry on our list with “In The Mood (For Murder)”. The epic tune is as cinematic as they come and it’s dynamic to the core. The arrangement is quite sublime, moody and the ebb and flow sure keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.

Jagzilla – “HONCHOS”

Los Angeles-based Rapper & Producer who goes by the nom de guerre Jagzilla makes his entry on our site with his new release “HONCHOS”. The track is a sombre and brooding piece made up of exotic flute riffs, and obscure and airy vocal samples layered over smooth 808-driven trap drums.

Ogi feel the Beat – “Background Experience”

Veteran producer Ogi feel the Beat puts a lid on the playlist with “Background Experience”, a chilled track that exudes meditative and calming vibes. The layered soundscape is lush and relaxing from start to finish. “Background Experience” is a part of his newest ep – Stress Reducing.

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