We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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B4Lasers – “Waltz of the Spirit”

B4Lasers sets off with “Waltz of the Spirit” an ethereal and eclectic beat made up of lush bells, warm piano progressions, and vocal hums that sound like a nostalgia-inducing mantra.



Jonny Rythmns – “Angel Dust in The Wind”

Jonny Rythmns goes for something different in his new release “Angel Dust in The Wind”. The track is trippy and somewhat off-kilter, the synths are edgy and grating and the drums are punchy with an electronic aesthetic to it.



Yuzostate – “Purse Full of Petals”


Yuzostate comes through with “Purse Full of Petals”, mid-tempo jazz infused beat ripe with bright and soulful textures and sublime atmospheres.


DHANK – “Serenity”


UK producer DHANK taps into pure “Serenity” in his new release. The solemn and ethereal strings and somewhat reflective textures are well crafted and blend perfectly with pulsating bass lines and headnodding drum grooves.

MicroCosmicOrbit – “Food ~ F minor ~ 90.50 b.p.m”

MicroCosmicOrbit  goes for something gritty and moody in his newest release titled “Food ~ F minor ~ 90.50 b.p.m”. The track has crunchy boom-bap drums and ominous cinematic textures to match.


Soulful Playground – “Being One”

Soulful Playground‘s newest release “Being One” plays on the concept of unison and being in tune with oneself as you journey through your spiritual path in life. From the lush chunky guitar riffs, warm textures, and punchy drums, the producer layers a soothing and urgent beat together that fits the mood.






Binfolk – “Aintnuthin”

Binfolk makes his entry on our site with “Aintnuthin”, a track that blends classic r&b chops with lofi aesthetics. The melodic samples, vocal samples, and choppy drums really work perfectly and give a sense of nostalgia.


Big O – “Bi-Coastin'”

Big O drops “Bi-Coastin'” from his forthcoming collaboration project with producer Tranzformer entitled Duplexity. The track is as soothing as they come and it’s ripe with lush strings and synths that exude that summer vibe we all live for.








Da unique – “Dancing Souls”



Emerging producer Da unique drops a new beat titled “Dancing Souls”, a mid-tempo bouncy track ripe with a moody string progression and somewhat haunting vocal hums layered over soft drum grooves.



Polish producer AYASAHAR drops a new beat for us this week titled “SAP”. The beat is cinematic and ominous as it builds-up, the drums are heavy and the use of layered synths and brass lines really raises the ante

Slumberville – “Paraná River”

“Paraná River” by Swedish lo-fi artist Slumberville is a soothing lofi/soulful track that caught our ears. The track is uplifting with its nostalgic flute arrangement, warm textures, and punchy drums. The track comes with an engaging animated visual as well.



SyZtyM – “Inner Self (Instrumental)”


emerging producer SyZtyM makes an entry with his new beat “Inner Self (Instrumental)” which is quite engaging. It has a cinematic texture and the drums are bouncy too


Elijah Nang – “Solitude”

Elijah Nang gets into his lofi form as he drops “Solitude”. The track is as soothing as they come and its ripe with haunting melodic runs, ethereal strings and warm low tones.



B oones – “x”

B oones switches the energy levels up with his new offering “x”. The track is made up of punchy drums, and ominous textures, and it’s quite dynamic as it ebbs and flows with the progression.



Jomy – “Fancy”


Jomy shares “Fancy”, his second single from his project coffee breaks Vol. 2. The tack is soothing and relaxing and ripe with solemn piano progression, airy strings, and nostalgia-inducing textures.


Pier 74 – “Haze”

Japanese producer Pier 74 returns to our list with his new offering titled “Haze”. The track is a piano-laden beat ripe with soothing keys, ethereal strings, and soft drums. It exudes a nostalgia-inducing vibe that is perfect for study or relaxation.


JaRon Marshall – “Up All Night”


Producer/instrumentalist JaRon Marshall shares the new release “Up All Night”, a somber piano-laden beat that serves as the first release from his 14-track Lo-Fi series called SOUND DAYS.
The track is crisp and underpinned by pulsating bass lines, solid boom-bap drums, and a soothing vocal sample as well. Every Friday of this summer (06/24 to 09/23), JaRon Marshall will release instrumental beats he created on the road while touring the world as the keyboardist of Grammy-nominated band Black Pumas.

Soon It’s The Future… – “A Ring For My Girl”

Soon It’s The Future.. shares something different for our playlist with his new single “A Ring For My Girl”. A mellow and somewhat hypnotic piece made up of sublime tones, off-kilter sound design, and a sparse drum groove.

Melodiesinfonie – “Upsidedown”


Zurich-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer Melodiesinfonie recently put out his album We Gonna Be Ok and now we got this soothing single “Upsidedown” taken from the project. The track is ripe with woozy guitar riffs, warm textures, and heavenly horns layered over soft drums. He also adds a hushed hypnotic melodic vocal underlining to the track.

Kashi Sankara – “Finally Free”

Kashi Sankara shares his new release “Finally Free” a moody and punch beat made up of ominous vocal hums, warm basslines, and punchy drum grooves.

Joe Sunrise – “Ubuntu”

“Ubuntu” is the newest release from Netherlands producer Joe Sunrise. The track has a bright and summery aesthetic with its layered arrangement and solid drum groove. It’s well crafted and a perfect addition to your relaxing playlist


DaMarcus VanBuren – “Flourish Gang”

DaMarcus VanBuren embodies the go-getter lifestyle in his new release “Flourish Gang”. The track is bouncy and has a somber piano riff with lush synths. As the title suggests, it represents a group of high-value men who aim for only the peak of success.



San-Zo – “Touch”


French producer/DJ San-Zo serves us some blend of folk and hip-hop in his new release titled “Touch”. The track starts off with guitar plucks and riffs that don’t seem to connect but once the drum beat hits, you’d be forced to bump your head. He even throws in some smooth scratches to good effect.



vrong – “Audi 5000”

Vrong drops “Audi 5000” a mellow atmosphere beat ripe with lush and ethereal keys and warm textures to match. Part of a 4-part-beat-release called Vrong’s Vault.

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