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Big O – “Memory Bank”


Big O drops new single “Memory Bank” via Wavee Sound Records. The record is a mellow lo-fi piece ripe with solemn keys and uplifting textures and smooth pads layered over soft drum grooves to match.




3League – “Villain”

3League prepares the anthem for the “Villain” in this release. The production is sombre and reflective and makes use of lush guitar riffs and warm textures with bass-laden trap drums.




Sweet Limb – “Straight Up”


Sweet Limb‘s “Straight Up” has a classic jazz-hop feel reminiscent of ATCQ with a modern flair. The horns, low keys and heavy basslines seamlessly blend with steady drum grooves and it’s all underpinned by a commanding vocal sample.


Teams – “Nyce&Slo”



Teams thrill us with “Nyce&Slo”, a chilled atmospheric track that fuses lofi, future r&b and experimental elements. From the moody textures, airy vocal samples, sparse percussions and special audio effects that give it a spacey feel, the track sure hits the mark



Lost Ave – “KODAK”

Lost Ave – “KODAK”


Steadyfoot – “Collapsed”



Canadian producer Steadyfoot delivers this cinematic piece titled “Collapsed” to our playlist. The track starts off with an epic choral soundscape and slowly switches into a mellow and guitar-laden sound. The arrangement is quite seamless and sure unpacks quite a lot of different elements together.



El Monko – “Obsessed”

El Monko gives us something to think about with his new release titled “Obsessed”. The sombre tune is ripe with lush keys, a moody sound design and a sparse drum groove. It’s quite reflective and soothing at the same time.


KAMi – “May Be Summer”

Swedish producer KAMi reminds us that it “May Be Summer” with his new sublime piece. The guitars are funky and airy and layered textures work perfectly over the bouncy drum groove.



flight lounge – “Life”

“Life” is a chilled, jazz/soul record from flight lounge that makes a splash on our list. The slow build-up, airy vocal samples and mellow keys are well-crafted and flow seamlessly as the track progresses.


Lost Ave – “Faded”


Lost Ave gifts us with “Faded”, a mid-tempo soothing tune made up of layered sounds. From the filtered guitar plucks, steady bass synths, moody pads and airy sound design and punchy drum grooves, listeners get trapped in the myriad of sounds that seamlessly flow into one another.



Dariush – “This Year I Don’t Want a Thing”


Dariush delivers something refreshing and different with his new release titled “This Year I Don’t Want a Thing”. A blend of soul and funk with pop elements makes this shine. The horns, warm pads and grooves really blend with the pitched-down vocal runs and the result is a brilliant piece that is unique and engaging.

Brandon Powell – “Apartment Views”

Brandon Powell shows us a glimpse in “Apartment Views”, a soulful and nostalgia-inducing piece made up of soothing pads, soft drums, filtered guitar passes and layered lo-fi sound design.

IKAAL – “Moonshine”

Mexican producer IKAAL caught our ears with his new release “Moonshine”. The track is as cinematic as they come and it slowly builds with a steady piano riff, sublime synth pads and soft drums to complete the mission

Paradox x Leo Low Pass – “Vintage (Instrumental)”

The duo of US-based producer Paradox and Netherlands-based producer Leo Low Pass team up to drop “Vintage (Instrumental)”. The track is mellow, soothing and reflective and it’s made up of airy horn passes, xylophones, and sublime pads with bouncy basslines as well.

Glenn Chiller – “Flowmotion”

Glenn Chiller‘s “Flowmotion” is a guitar-laden beat ripe with a woozy synth progression and subtle special effects and sound design that blends lofi with spacey aesthetics.

lst drm – “Unsaid”

“Unsaid” is a chilled lofi beat from emerging producer lst drm. He makes use of sparse drum groove arrangements and mellow and filtered sound designs with a prominent soothing pad that gives off a melancholic vibe. Perfect soundscape to study with.

Walt Dolla – “Ot Lavish”


Walt Dolla‘s “Ot Lavish” is a lush and dreamy beat made up of mellow soulful strings, soft guitar plucks and dreamy keys to boot.

Elijah Nang – “Mt Haranomi”

Elijah Nang makes his entry on our site with “Mt Haranomi”, a moody and somewhat sublime piece made up of soothing pads that rises to a plateau and throbbing basslines.

Chief Takinawa – “Baeo”

Chief Takinawa brewed up this lofi/jazz tune titled “Baeo”. It starts off with a vocal sample advising someone how to talk to a lady and kicks into a lush piano riff, with warm textures with soft but bouncy drums to match.


3League – “Strum Struck”


3League‘s “Strum Struck” is a chilled, sombre tune made up of lush textures, silky guitar passes and moody basslines. It has a touch of lofi with a soul as well.

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