‘No Suckaz Allowed’ is the latest audio volley from Carolina emcees Ed E. Ruger and Ty Bru. A heavy,ambitious thumping cut which boasts the sampled vocals of Brand Nubian founder Sadat X who also appears on the second verse. Perfectly concocted and served by producer Jon Jackson with additional cuts by Dj Phillie Phresh, the duo in question deliver something wicked for the hard core listeners.

Authenticity. Loyalty. Hustle. Whether you’re the street solider or the self-established kingpin, these fundamentals are simply par for the course that separate the legends from the rookies. But if you think that’s all it takes, you’re dead wrong. With a meticulous work ethic and a slick rhyme scheme, Carolina emcees Ed. E Ruger & Ty Bru watch their status escalate on “No Suckaz Allowed.” The single finds the duo trading verses with the legendary Sadat X, a rapper who’s been paying his dues even before his work with Brand Nubian. The big band horn driven production of Jon Jackson (music director/producer for The Boondocks Cartoon), coupled with with fresh cuts from DJ Phillie Phresh, create the perfect soundtrack to the lyrical pile drive delivered by this spit kicking trifecta. “No Suckaz Allowed” is now available for download via iTunes and Bandcamp.



• BandCamp: http://bit.ly/1fBokit

• iTunes: http://bit.ly/1i9wOQ0

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