Chicago rapper Dyzzi from DivSel drops a 3 track project and ‘Roll The Dice’ is one of the singles from the EP titled “I’m So… Vol. 1”. Dyzzi shares the following about the EP:

“The EP is a representation of even though I have no clue what sound I want to lean more towards, wether it be my signature old school style like “Leaders Of The Midwest”, or some fast rap, hard hitting mosh pit music like “Roll The Dice”, or even me trying a new melodic, singing, proper song structure sound like “Never Givin Up”, my message will always remain the same. That’s why I called the EP “I’m So..” which should indicate that what I’m going to say next is “Dizzy” (or Dyzzi).”

All 3 songs are produced by MarvyMarv and “I’m So… Vol. 1” is the first part of a 3 part EP series by Dyzzi. And should you have more to say to Dyzzi from DivSel, then hit up his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to kick off a conversation with him.

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