Midwest collective DivSel is back on the black with a brand new record titled “Iron Heart”. Over a laid back soul-filled backdrop they treat the listener with that classic hip-hop we all love.

“Iron Heart” is taken from the new EP “DivSel Vol. 1: Variety Pack” of the Midwest collective DivSel. Standing for Diverse Selection, the crew consists of rappers, producers, skateboarders, graffiti artists, and graphic designers. With the core rap artists, Dyzzi, KReal, and Chaz all hailing from 3 different big Midwest cities (Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit) results in the individuals having different origins, perspectives, and outlooks upon life.


DivSel standing for Diverse Selection, the collective consists of the rappers Dyzzi, KReal and Chaz, the producers Juno Adonis, MarvyMarv and Freezy (Chaz’s producer alias) and BuddyDubby the drum & guitar player. The members are from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit.


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