Dceased and iMAGiNARY OTHER have just shared their new offering with us in the name of ‘The Crazy iN Me’ and it is the second single taken off the Sacramento duo’s upcoming album “DVDA 2”.

“DVDA” (2016) was an EP created by Dceased and iMAGiNARY OTHER in a two day studio session. It was remastered and released on May 1st 2020 through Below System Records. The second installment that is to be “DVDA 2” sure does not fall far from the tree. No concept, no idea. It’s a short dense collection of artful music produced by iMAGiNARY OTHER, mixed with the sharp wit and dark tone of Dceased’s verses. Made for the listeners, it’s sure to please the ears of anyone who enjoyed the first instalment. The new project includes features by Chuuwee and Abstract Ninjaa, so you can bet your bottom dollar it will be a project to look forward to. For now, stream the single on iTunes and Soundcloud then catch them on their socials should you feel the need to reach out to them.

Dceased: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram

iMAGiNARY OTHER: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram

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