The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Coincide – “uknowit”


Unsigned emcee Coincide showcases his lyrical skills on his new release titled “uknowit.” He makes use of a smooth backdrop to achieve his aim as he delivers a solid verse introducing himself to the world. It’s short but quite concise.




Aj Shine – “I Know (Who You Are) “

AJ Shine teams up with Serj Tankian (of System of a Down) on his new release titled “I Know (Who You Are) .” The record is a vibrant rock-infused joint produced by Velizar Ivanov and sees AJ in a reflective mood as he dives into the dynamics of modern life and its various complexities.

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Vorheez & Pancho Trackman – “Old News” (feat. Mandy Pachios of the Mary Jane Jones)

Vorheez & Pancho Trackman link with Mandy Pachios of the Mary Jane Jones for this smooth soulful collaboration titled “Old News.” It makes use of a funky Latin-infused backdrop courtesy of Brazilian producer Pancho Trackman which blends perfectly with Vorheez’s impassioned flow and vivid lyrics. This is bolstered by Pachio’s sublime melodic runs as well. This is the first single off of tannins & Terps, dropping Fri the 13th (8/13/21).

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TRIOMPHE – “Feel Alive”


TRIOMPHE shares the expressive visuals for his heartfelt single titled “Feel Alive.” Over a somber and punchy backdrop, he takes time to reflect on his African-European roots and tries to find a balance between the two separate cultures.

Anonimuss Rose x Che Noir – “Earfquake”

Singer/rapper Anonimuss Rose and lyricist Che Noir tam up for something heavy as they collaborate on “Earfquake.” Over a flute/bass-heavy backdrop, the ladies bring nothing but the heavy bars for the naysayers and detractors. The ladies show that women should definitely be acknowledged more as they display solid lyrical skills that show they can match with anyone in the game.
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Jeh $inatra – “20 something’s”


Syracuse, New York native Jeh $inatra delivers a tale of blossoming love on his new single “20 something’s” Over a dreamy and bouncy backdrop courtesy of producer CWISWHO for ILL MIND3D, he shares a one-time meeting with a girl who just moved to his block that slowly develops into something bigger.

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D. Mikey – “Runnin'”


D. Mikey shares the visuals for his song “Runnin'” taken from his new project Lunch Break. The track is bolstered by an atmospheric soul sample layered over punchy drum grooves and peppered by his smooth flow. The track is produced by Intylekt.
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The North Star (Brandon Isaac x Free Mind) – “Rap Heroics”


Emcee Brandon Isaac and Producer Free Mind go by the name The North Star and will be dropping their debut LP. In the interim, they share the visuals for their lead single “Rap Heroics” a laidback soulful cut that follows the journey of an emcee and his duty as a lyricist.


Malachi The Don – “Fully Automatic”


Malachi The Don is “Fully Automatic” on his new effort. Over a booming trap backdrop, he introduces us to his alter ego who is equipped with nonstop punchlines and witty bars.

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RiZ – “Know My Name”

Indie rapper RiZ‘s “Know My Name” is a snapshot of his life as a young black man and rising artist. Over a somber piano-laden trap backdrop, he delivers a heartfelt and honest performance ripe with vivid lyrics that everyone can relate to.
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Pokerface – “Undrafted”


Pokerface delivers a solid bravado-laden track titled “Undrafted.” He makes use of a classic sample flip and hard-hitting trap backdrop to share his thoughts on passion, accomplishing goals, and more
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Mensing x Tally Schwenk – “Hangin’ On”


Cologne-based producer Mensing teams up with Tally Schwenk – “Hangin’ On” a smooth dreamy r&b/soul track that showcases angelic melodic runs and evocative lyrics about the dynamics of relationships.

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VENMC x Ali Saeed – “Colonizer”


VENMC and Ali Saeed deliver a thought-provoking cut titled “Colonizer” that looks into political shifts and turmoil in the US of A. It looks at the issues through the lens of the brown man and what he has to go through in the situation.

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Skinny Trell – “Wind Rises ” feat. Fly Anakin & Ana


Skinny Trell links with Fly Anakin and Ana on the sublime “Wind Rises ” a laidback solemn track that blends airy melodic runs with bravado-laden raps.
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Dyzzi from DivSel – “Krew” (feat. Cj Folds & Guillaume)


Dyzzi from DivSel got a new single this week titled “Krew” which sees him teaming with childhood friends Cj Folds & Guillaume. Backed by a bouncy backdrop courtesy of PilotKid, the trio proceed with bravado-laden bars showcasing different styles.
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EXUM – “Sage The Room”


EXUM shares the visuals for his thought-provoking single “Sage The Room.” The dark p[roduction employs add to his profound lyrics that center on why he abandoned his Christian doctrine. The video, shot by Allison Brunce in San Francisco is a poignant expression of EXUM’s relationship with Christianity and his favoring spirituality over religion. “Sage The Room” is taken off his recent debut LP Xardinal Coffee.
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DZB taps into the resilient spirit of the “WATERBOY” on his new single. Over a triumphant horn-driven backdrop, he reminds everyone that he started from the ground up.
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J.Lately – “All I’ve Ever Been”


J.Lately shares the reflective single “All I’ve Ever Been” which dives into true friendship and how life changes the dynamics of love. Taken from his new album Bodega due out 8/27.
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Masethemessiah – “Civic Survival Tactics”


Masethemessiah shares new single “Civic Survival Tactics” taken from his project Luvumo. The track has a somber vibe and profound lyrics that follow the tale of a young soft-spoken kid whose hand was forced and turned to the dark side. It’s far from glorying the situation but rather to show that it could happen to anyone.
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Mostly George – “Giants (Remix)”


Mostly George shares his new single “Giants (Remix)” which sees him in full triumphant mode over a dark and moody drill backdrop. The track is anthemic and sure displays a high sense of determination and uplifting elements.
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Flower Child – “Water” feat. Cameron McCloud

Flower Child closes out the list with the sublime single titled “Water” which blends neo-soul and hiphop vibes. Cameron McCloud comes along with some alluring melodic runs as well.

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