Diabolic is back on his bullsh*t as he takes the competition to the cleaners on the wild new video for “Think of That” as featured on his collaborative LP, Collusion, produced entirely by Vanderslice. Like the energy to the single which is pretty much Diabolic stomping on anything in site, the visual accentuates that devil-may-care vibe to the max. The visuals were both directed and animated by Olise Forel of Moving Silence, who sought no further than ‘Bolic’s own lyrics for inspiration, which are synced up perfectly with a variety of scenes edited to include the rapper doing some crazy sh*t.

There’s the early bit where he kicks his feet up on rival Talib Kweli’s momma’s couch, the brief “cameos” on TV shows (Undisputed, Sesame Street), and the end where he chokes out a wack rapper. Even better, though, are the callbacks to classic rap videos that feature equally absurd imagery, like the clip of Special Ed making his getaway in a hovercraft.

Get the album HERE.

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