West-London-based rapper/songwriter who goes by the moniker Light grew up in a musical household where he quietly honed his skill but it wasn’t until his mid-twenties when he celebrated his birthday in the studio and at the same time recorded his first song. Since then, he continued to serve the audience with his brand of street-savvy raps and an unmistakable gruff flow that makes him stand out from the rest. His latest release “Ko-Lee Noodles” is a street anthem anchored on perseverance and human resilience during hard times. Over a dark and haunting soundscape, Light takes listeners deep into his life of strife and never-ending struggles. He doesn’t mince his words as he spits

I been busy taking flights all packs I flew through/I’m in love white girls,

I know the feeling’s mutual/How many times have I put it in the pot till it locks 
Got me scraping out my jar for the prof“, reminding listeners that the grind never stops.

The accompanying visual is shot in cinematic style and uses performance shots that showcase Light’s calm demeanour and distinct style.



“Ko-Lee Noodles” is Light’s fifth release so far this year, his previous singles include “Dirty Sprite”, “FNO (Failures No Option)”, “Fuck Rap” and “Twelve”

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