How do I start this? Cappuccino or tea? Tea for me please but that doesn’t even have anything to do with this write up for that matter. I might sip some fancy latte to look cool at some fancy cafe downtown while munching on buttered croissant and while this still has nothing to do with Cappuccino (maybe a little) and Dewey Decibel, I was compelled to include it in the final transcript.

Dewey Decibel’sCappuccino’ is exactly what the title says. It is far from the norm, somewhat zany and off kilter. I must say his style is reminiscent of Paul Barman and DOOM(in terms of randomness), not to take anything away from the man but that was aura I felt. The song, produced by Zilla Rocca has that lo-fi vibe as well(also reminds me of some Rae & Christian song). It’s simplicity makes it even more sinister and will have you wondering how something so straight forward could be mind boggling at the same time.

This is my first introduction to the man himself and all I can say he’s a very interesting fellow for sure. I probably need to stop writing this and go listen to his past material to be up to date.

Get with the program!

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