Sample based producer DCS Lefty infuses soulful jazz sounds with catchy hip hop drums. His unique genre bending sound comprises of uplifting, cinematic melodies and funky grooves. This is what you find on Taurus which has been described as Super lush beat to kick off the summer. This is a certified chill hop vibe and it is quite needed especially in the current state of the world.

After releasing his debut EP “Oasis” in 2019, DCS Lefty has explored various themes in his projects “Tranquil”, “Basement Beats”, and “Soul Food”. In 2020, DCS Lefty signed with Roadetrix Records and released “Dystopia” and “The Untaken Path”. All of these lets you know the man is working and leaving no stone unturned. This is why you should stream his materials possibly on Deezer and iTunes then hit him up direct on Instagram to have a chat.

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