It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Doctor Gosso & the Samplers x Gemini Trio – “What a Dream”

“What A Dream” is the newest single of Doctor Gosso & the Samplers recorded together with a London based traditional jazz band Gemini Trio. The track is quite lively and brings to the fore the power of contemporary jazz and lo-fi hiphop.

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 Aviino – “Deeper”


Aviino drops “Deeper,” the third track from his new LP Hologramophone. The track has a mellow, moody feel with its lush dusty textures and snappy drums.



Hanses – “Kolibiri”


Hanses aims to wow our ears with his new release titled “Kolibiri.” With smooth guitar licks, warm basslines, and dreamy pads, he takes down a nostalgic journey via music.




Soulone Beats – “Nocturnal”

Soulone Beats is not green to us and on his new single “Nocturnal.” He delivers a late-night inspired cut ripe with layered soulful textures, solemn guitar licks, and dreamy horns to complete the job.
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Billy Hammer1 – “morning green”


“Morning green” is Billy Hammer1‘s entry this week and it’s solid. He shows the power of live instrumentation. He blends Lo-Fi Beat elements, smooth guitars, and snappy drums on this one and the results are solid..



Paul Grant – “Connection”

Paul Grant‘s “Connection” is the lead single from his forthcoming LP Waves. The track has a smooth jazzy feel with its moody keys and basslines over 90s boom-bap drums. ts quite reminiscent of classic ATCQ tracks.



Liphe – “Valence”


Multi-instrumentalist producer Liphe comes through on our list with his new single “Valence.” He makes use of crunchy drums, soothing keys, and dreamy pads to make something solid from start to finish.
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Raven Paradox – “My Point of View”


Raven Paradox‘s “My Point of View” is a mid-tempo cut that blends lush guitar riffs, horns over neck-snapping drums, and some DJ cuts to complete the mission.
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Duplicuts – “Galaxiez”

Duplicuts comes through with “Galaxiez” An anthemic hard-hitting beat that makes use of orchestral elements, thick drums, and gripping cinematic elements. This is a solid one from start to finish.




80% Cacao – “Organic”


Producer 80% Cacao is on the verge of dropping his project and in the meantime, he shares “Organic.” A multi-layered beat that is dreamy, solemn, and packed with quite a handful of elements. It also samples vocal clips from Toni Morrison’s depiction of “Love”. “Organic” is the second single release from 80% Cacao’s upcoming album Luma.
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Teck-Zilla – “Good Kid, Crazy Las Gidi”


Nigerian producer, Teck-Zilla blends his soulful, bouncy production style with both chaotic and absurd dialogue sequences on “Good Kid, Crazy Las Gidi.” The two minute long instrumental serves as the focus track taken from his six-track instrumental EP, #ENDSARS BEATS, commemorated the recent lives lost as a result of the Ends SARS protests against police brutality throughout Nigeria.
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Matchbox Youth – “I_tried”


Matchbox Youth‘s “I_tried” is a smooth lo-fi beat rife with dusty piano samples, soft drums, and mild sound designs. It is perfect as background music to study to.
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Emaje – “Monstera Deliciosa”

Emaje‘s new release “Monstera Deliciosa” is vocal sample-heavy and pays homage to the chipmunk style of early Kanye West. The drums are solid too, fashioned in the trap style, and fit the sample.


Arail – “Nightmare”


Arail’s “Nightmare” is relaxing and soothing. The drums have a soft but snappy feel while the keys blend well with the boomy textures.
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NumbrXII – “Good Things Pt. 1 & 2”


Bronx based producer NumbrXII new release “Good Things Pt. 1 & 2” is a medley type beat made up of dusty vocal samples, swirling special effects, and solemn keys to match. he adds that the concept of the beat alludes to the way the world has changed and how perhaps we didn’t appreciate certain things when we had them.
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Pjets – “Friend”


Belgian chillout producer Pjets makes his mark on our list with his reflective and solemn beat titled “Friend.” He blends bagpipes sounds and weird vocal samples over sparse drums on this one. “Friend” is taken from Pjets’ debut EP, due out December 11 on Blanket Fort.
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DCS Lefty – “Skippy”


DCS Lefty never disappoints and his new release “Skippy” is as groovy as they come. From soft basslines, dreamy horns, and ethereal pads, DSC Lefty gets the job done as expected.
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Guy Rickard – “State of Affairs”


Guy Rickard closes out the list with his jazz-infused boom-bap beat titled “State of Affairs.” We get to hear smooth double basslines, ethereal keys infused in the lo-fi style. Solid from start to finish.

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