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The Event Horizon – “Lounge Coat”

The Event Horizon‘s newest release “Lounge Coat” is a moody and cinematic beat ripe with dark textures, warm basslines, and a mix of layered ethereal synths. It’s quite off-kilter and engaging all the way.

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Lubin Beta – “Sandra”

Swiss beatmaker Lubin Beta blends a healthy dose of jazz, Latin vibes, and lo-fi elements on his new release titled “Sandra.” The track is quite lifting and bright and definitely a great way to kick off your day.

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Pueblo Vista x Lamar Azule – “Eclipse”


The good folks at Pueblo Vista team up with producer Lamar Azule for this nostalgia-inducing piece titled “Eclipse.” The track is ripe with airy textures made up of lush jazzy keys, silk guitar riffs and heavenly horns to match. It is absolutely enthralling and soothing from start to finish.

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Memory Recollection – “Good Morning”

Memory Recollection serves up some soul-lifting vibes with this anthemic beat titled “Good Morning.” It is a superb blend of gospel, soul, and hip-hop mixed in the perfect order.





DCS Lefty, Jam’addict – “Phoenix”

DCS Lefty teams up with Jam’addict  for this lively groovy beat titled “Phoenix.” The record is a smooth mix of heavenly guitar plucks, summery keys and a laidback salsa-esque groove to match.






Groove. – “CoffeeBreak”

Groove’s newest release “CoffeeBreak” is an easy-going jazzy beat ripe with nostalgic horns, lush keys over mellow drums. It sure eases our ears and perfect for a midday relaxing session.

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DaMarcus VanBuren – “Pain”

“Pain” is the new track by producer DaMarcus VanBuren who crafts a melancholic texture that is quite alluring and perfect for studying as well.

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Johny Holiday – “Sweet Melody”


Johny Holiday comes through with something relaxing on our playlist titled “Sweet Melody.” As the title suggests, the beat is quite alluring and melodic.



Behind The Beat – “Slouch”


Behind The Beat’s “Slouch” is a soulful and nostalgia-inducing piece ripe with dusty jazz keys, soulful horns, and drums

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Mvdk – “Slow Down”

Mvdk taps into the spirit of the season of spring on his new release “Slow Down.” A smooth lofi cut ripe with a nostalgic piano riff and soft drum grooves.


Pico Panesa – “Run”


Pico Panesa is a Germany-based producer who caught our ears with this new release titled “Run.” It’s a guitar-heavy trap jam that is also ripe with moody textures and strings. It’s ideal for a chilled moody playlist and it’s well-crafted.
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Pico Panesa – “Lemonade”


Pico Panesa returns with “Lemonade” The guitar-laden jam is lush and nostalgia-inducing.
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Very Yes – “I Saw You” ft. Poles

Very Yes spices the list with his genre-bending track titled “I Saw You” a cinematic piece ripe with moody vocal samples, trippy textures, and hard-hitting drums. Very Yes is one of half of Bronze Whale.
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Behind The Beat – “Lope”


Behind The Beat crafts something soothing and reflective with this new release titled “Lope.” The keys are layered and have a nostalgic vibe and it’s perfect for studying too.
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Kassamanno – “Float With You”


Kassamanno is the newest musical project helmed by Canadian producer glukes and the new single “Float With You” makes its way to our list. The record has a laidback study-type vibe with its lush guitars, warm textures, and engulfing bassline.
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Ransukoira – “Good Simulation”


Emerging Helsinki-based producer Ransukoira delivers his new release titled “Good Simulation” the record is quite dynamic in the way it flows. From the highs to the breakdowns and layered cinematic textures, there is quite a handful of elements to latch on to here.
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Xaya – “On A Train”


UK producer Xaya shares “On A Train,” a dark cinematic piece ripe with brooding strings and slow build-ups. It is quite engaging and well crafted




Bloodmasta Cut – “Fight Inside ” feat Petrovich x DJ ПЛАЩ


Russian producer Bloodmasta Cut makes his mark on our list with this heavy boom-bap beat titled “Fight Inside ” The record takes listeners back to the 90s with its booming drums, dark brooding soundscape, and overall eerie vibes. Alongside is Petrovich, DJ ПЛАЩ who add their individual touches to the track.





RED_E¥E – “From Beyond, They’re Watching”


Producer RED_E¥E delivers an ominous and brooding beat titled “From Beyond, They’re Watching” from his upcoming album, Alias Oculus. The record has a Castlevania-type vibe with its classically styled instrumentation and ethereal synths to match the punchy drums.




Chilly Willy Lounge – “Swarm”


Producer Chilly Willy Lounge serves up a melancholic piece titled “Swarm” to close out the list. With soft drums, airy keys, and brooding textures, listeners are treated with some soothing and reflective vibes
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