We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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johnboybeats – “Crossroads”


“Crossroads” is a nostalgia-inducing and somber piece courtesy of producer johnboybeats. It is ripe with quite a handful of instruments ranging from lush guitars, horns, and a warm bassline to match.
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DCS Lefty – ‘Gazebo”


DCS Lefty comes through once more with this summer-tinged island track titled ‘Gazebo.” Nice lush textures and smooth grooves make for a great listen.



Johny Holiday – “Berlin 98”



“Berlin 98” is the latest release from producer/DJ Johny Holiday. The beat is very lively and is ripe with somber keys, pulsating basslines, and crunchy drum breaks.

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BNMO – “One Day, You’ll Get It”


BNMO shares “One Day, You’ll Get It” on our list. A laid-back reflective beat is ripe with warm basslines, textures, and punchy drums.
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Luis Wandel – “Sad”


Luis Wandel‘s “Sad” is a somber track that is ripe with melancholic keys, airy textures, and punchy drums. It’s quite reflective and moody too.
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DBLHX – “Life”


Japanese producer DBLHX’s “Life” is offbeat and far from the norm. He makes use of vocal chops from Treach of NBN and Nas layered over a choppy and somewhat clunky backdrop which he intentionally glitched up to give it an edgy feel
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Silk Sonic – “Leave The Door Open” (Remix by RJ Pasin)


Silk Sonic‘s “Leave The Door Open” gets a Remix by RJ Pasin and we had to share it with you all. The track is quite dynamic and goes through several switch-ups and changes over the course of its run. Nice lush textures, downtempo drums, vocal chops are present on this one.




Tranzformer – “Life Is Wonderful”

San Diego, CA’s own Tranzformer makes his way on our list with a soulful banger titled “Life is Wonderful,” another highlight taken from the Audio Cinematography producer compilation courtesy of the indie label, Crisis Center Collective. The track is a smooth groovy cut ripe with soulful vocal chops and punchy drums to match.
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Wisemind – “It Makes Me”

Wisemind comes through for our list with a laidback, soul-choppy beat titled “It Makes Me.” Nothing beats smooth vocal chops, soft but crispy drums all layered in the most engaging manner.
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Charodey Jeddy – “In the Middle”


Charodey Jeddy from Ukraine shows us how he gets down on the boards with his vibrant instrumental titled “In the Middle.” Specifically made for the breakers and dancers in general, this boy-inspired track is ripe with upbeat hard-hitting drums, cinematic synths, and gripping sound designs to match the energy on the dancefloor.
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klot – Sad Nick Mira Type Beat – “Can’t Forget”


klot delivers a type beat in the form of his new piece titled “Can’t Forget.” A mix of mellow somber sounds layered over trap drums. Well-crafted and smooth if you asked me.



sila – “wobble”

sila‘s new release “wobble.” has got to be the shortest entry yet which clocks right under the 1-minute mark. The production is choppy and somewhat sparse and the core elements here have a cosmic slop-type vibe. This song is part of his microbeats project.
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Stereo Fear – “Goodnite Clubs”


Stereo Fear comes through with a smooth soothing track he calls “Goodnite Clubs.” He utilizes soft drums, dreamy textures on this tune. from the dreamy synths, pads, Guitars, and keys, he layers them expertly from start to finish.
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Ch!mes – “Extra”


“Extra” is an engaging and brooding piece by producer Ch!mes who makes use of moody textures and layered sound designs. He blends the worlds of trap and house music on this one as well. Watch out for that smooth seamless switch-up.
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Lana Shea x Surebert – “Voices in the night”


Portland-based artists Lana Shea and Surebert team up for “Voices in the Night” a jazz-infused boom-bap beat that is ripe with rusty basslines, guitars, and sampled vocals to match. It’s quite entrancing and cinematic as well.
This song was made after the summer of protests they had, there’s nothing more pertinent to talk about right now.



Roberto Pedoto – “Special Occasion”


Italian producer Roberto Pedoto‘s “Special Occasion” is a laidback, moody track ripe with pulsating drums, nostalgic pads, flutes, and smooth drums that really mark the occasion. Solid from top to bottom.

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NICO.x3 got a new one for us this week titled “INCEPTION.” The track is ripe with moody textures, synths, and dreamy pads layered over punchy boom-bap drums. The changes are not so much but it’s quite enticing as it is.
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Movie Nightt – “Splash”


“Splash” is an experimental and somewhat off-kilter instrumental by emerging producer Movie Nightt. He makes use of multiple sounds, synths, and electronic clicks to create this cinematic piece.


SEAZ420 – “Clifftoprock”


Belfast-based producer SEAZ420 shows us his analog skills with “Clifftoprock” and from you hit play you are transported into a whole new world. The sounds are gritty, dusty, and quite entrancing from the jump.
The visual is on another level as well with the stop motion-styled animation and weird/zany creatures.



Burt Dogg – “Silhouette”


Burt Dogg‘s “Silhouette” is a blend of alternative sounds, hard-hitting trap drums, and deep cinematic synths. Solid from start to finish.

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Jomy – “Lovely”

“Lovely” is a laidback and somewhat reflective production by Jomy. The track has a soft melancholic piano arrangement, dark synths, and cinematic textures to complete the job.

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Kuo – “Gangsta Prayer”



Turkish producer Kuo delivers the “Gangsta Prayer” in grand style. His beat is cinematic, dark, and brooding all the way. The drums are crisp and the distorted guitars do come into play at the right time.
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DJ Rocswell – “Bonjour”


Montreal-based DJ Rocswell got a solid one with his new beat “Bonjour”, a smooth relaxing piece with lush dreamy guitars, punchy drums and lo-fi elements to match.



Ulle Kamelle – “Cigarette Break”


Ulle Kamelle shares a track from his stash titled “Cigarette Break” Bolstered by punchy drums, smooth jazzy vibes that exude nostalgic and somber feelings.
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Memory Recollection – “Life In Reverse”


British producer Memory Recollection closes the list with “Life In Reverse.” A soul sample-driven beat that is quite punchy and choppy in a very unique and engaging manner.

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