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DJ Supa Dave – “The Queen’s Gambit”

Veteran hip-hop producer DJ Supa Dave brings nothing but raw uncut vibes to his new instrumental single titled  “The Queen’s Gambit.” A cinematic piece that is ripe with a gritty texture and crunchy drums to match. “The Queen’s Gambit” is available now through all major streaming platforms and digital retailers and is set to appear on Crisis Center Collective’s upcoming release, Audio Cinematography, due out Apr 02.

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Noa Erni x Robot Orchestra – “Damn it’s Sunny”



Swiss-born producer Noa Erni and Cologne-based beat maker Robot Orchestra team up for an eclectic collaboration titled “Damn it’s Sunny.” The pair craft a soothing and somewhat dreamy piece ripe with dynamic sound designs, off-kilter arrangements peppered with jazz sensibilities. It’s taken from Erni’s forthcoming LP The Mental Traveller.



Stereo Fear – “Cool Out”


Stereo Fear delivers some cool vibes on his new single “Cool Out.” The track is quite relaxing and has a dreamy, feel-good mood with its summery vibe and slick textures.

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Lubin Beta – “The Good Chips”

Swiss producer Lubin Beta blends retro-jazz with hip-hop vibes on his new release “The Good Chips.” The vibrant track is ripe with warm basslines, nostalgic horn passes and slick guitar riffs to match.

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Standub – “I Ain’t No Joke”

Producer Standub‘s “I Ain’t No Joke” is a vibrant dancefloor-filling jam ripe with classic drum breaks, glorious horns and anthemic brass stabs. It’s quite infectious and powerful. A solid addition to your workout playlist as well.


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Simplistic Scientists 木火 – “Digger”


UK-based production team Simplistic Scientists 木火 deliver their lead single “Digger” on our playlist. The track is a nostalgic and reflective piece ripe with somber piano progression, ethereal horns layered over smooth drums, and DJ cuts to give it that authentic hip-hop vibe. The single is from their album called On The Moon.

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Mösiö x Terry Bible x Super Finesse – “Remifasoul” (feat. Olle Hellbring)

It’s an all Swedish affair when Mösiö , Terry Bible, and Super Finesse team up with Olle Hellbring for this enthralling piece titled “Remifasoul.” A seamless blend of soul, jazz and a sprinkle of hiphop. The quartet sure deliver the goods with a layered arrangement ripe with warm keys, nostalgic sax, punchy drums and ethereal synths to complete the mission.




Groove. – “Pleasant”

Groove. soothes our mind with his alluring new beat titled “Pleasant.” The aptly titled track has a nice fusion of jazz and lofi elements, from crunchy drums, somber horns, and repeated riffs. It’s short and quite engaging.

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 Josiah Soren – “Drink Water”

Josiah Soren got something new for us this week with his piano-driven beat titled “Drink Water.” He chops up a smooth jazz piano sample and flips it over soft drums and somber textures. A perfect beat for studying or just relaxing too. “Drink Water” is the 2nd single on Josiah Soren’s feel-good jazz-hop record, Mind. Body. Soul., and is being released on Etymology Records.

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Dario Lessing x Sloh Rou – “Blue”


Piano virtuoso Dario Lessing teams up with german producer Sloh Rou for this soulful lo-fi cut titled”Blue.” A solid blend of somber keys, off-kilter ethereal textures and sound designs that swirl around the head over soft drums. It’s quite engaging.



Ogi feel the Beat, El Irlandes – “The Search Never Ends”


The ever working producer Ogi feel the Beat teams up with Serbian producer El Irlandes for this engaging piece “The Search Never Ends.” It’s very moody, nostalgic, and warm from the somber keys, punchy drums, and obscure vocal samples.
This is the first track from the duo’s forthcoming EP.
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Heston Brioche – “Snowflakes”

UK producer Heston Brioche dives into the lofi real with “Snowflakes” a relaxing beat comprised of somber vibes, crips drums, and airy textures. This is the 2nd track taken from Heston Brioche’s new EP entitled Viewmode.
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Cuezy. – “How Do You Know It´s Love?”


South german producer Cuezy comes through with this laidback summer-tinged beat titled “How Do You Know It´s Love?.” The beat is lush and ripe with dreamy textures, vocal chops, and punchy drums.
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Steaksawse – “LA Neon”

Steaksawse is a Memphis-based production team comprised of producers LJ1S, Sunny Dizzle, and KingPin Da’. The team shares their new release “LA Neon” and it’s quite engaging. From the somber textures, punchy grooves, and reflective melodies, the track sure hits the bullseye.
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DCS Lefty – “Angletop Road”

DCS Lefty delivers a smooth relaxing instrumental titled “Angletop Road.” A fusion of summer-tinged tropical sounds, punchy drums, and warm textures.
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Josiah Soren- “Body Language”


Josiah Soren‘s “Body Language” is a lofi jazz-styled production that is perfect for a study playlist. A blend of punchy drums, smooth keys, and mellow horns form the bulk of the piece and it’s very chilled too. “Body Language” is the first single from the album Mind. Body. Soul.
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Balance Gab – “Depression”


Aruba-based producer Balance Gab grabbed our attention with his release titled “Depression” which serves as the first track from his debut BeatTape, LIFE: Out and In Balance EP. The beat has a moody texture that runs through the track with soft drums and vocal samples that talk about depression and its effects. It’s quite reflective and relatable as well.



johnboybeats – “With Love”


“With Love” is the newest release from johnboybeats who make use of somber textures and strings over punchy drums to create a subtle melancholic vibe. He throws in some vocal samples in there too to drive home the concept of the beat.
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Filosophr – “Elements”


The chi-town producer shows us his eclectic style on “Elements” a beat ripe with quite a myriad of styles and sounds. Sometimes it feels lo-fi and the next psychedelic. Regardless the production is engulfing and well crafted.


John Bickerton – “Space Cadet”


Producer/instrumentalist John Bickerton shares this spectacular jam titled “Space Cadet.” He bridges the worlds of hiphop, jazz with a touch of experimental elements. The beat is quite dynamic and packs a punch with it’s lush keys, warm basslines, ethereal sound designs, scratches, and improv style arrangement.

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ilaywho – “The Cave”

“The Cave” by ilaywho is a relaxing, piano-driven piece ripe with soft tones, sparse head-nodding drums all culminating into a reflective and nostalgia-inducing piece.


Kenji451 – “Waves”


Germany-based producer Kenji451 shares “Waves” his new instrumental release that showcases his lofi/forward-thinking production style. From the ethereal textures, smooth strings, and head-nodding drums, he brings a nostalgia-inducing feeling with his mix of sounds and sure is a good way to close the list.
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