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HeyThatsMyDrink – “Jubilation”

HeyThatsMyDrink‘s “Jubilation” is an upbeat synth-driven trap beat. The system texture and arrangement is reminiscent of 90s video games and gives quite a nostalgic and dreamy feel and the drums are punchy.


Sepalot – “After the Lights”


Sepalot changes the vibe of the list with “After the Lights”m a jazzy lofi and off-kilter beat ripe with punchy drums, sultry vocal samples, soothing horn riffs with xylophones and warm textures to boot. it is quite dynamic and changes as it proceeds.



vhskid. – “Rooftop Lovers”


vhskid’s new release “Rooftop Lovers” is a sombre and sentimental piano/guitar-laden beat laced with soft drum grooves. The sparse arrangement and airy textures do make it soulfully gripping as well. The Song is a part of Purity Label’s compilation “Hibernation”.



macj – “goodlove”

Krakow-based Polish producer macj’s 5th single “goodlove” is a smooth soulful piece that continues his slew of back-to-back instrumental releases. The track is as choppy as they come but the way he seamlessly arranges the track is brilliant.




Jon Lamboy – “Superfluous”

Jon Lamboy – “Superfluous”

This song is a mix of 70’s funk and soul with some hip hop elements mixed in. It was originally inspired by the song “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder, got shelved for awhile, and then took on a life of its own upon final completion. Thanks for your consideration!


jHorn – “Smokey Ceilings”

jHorn’s “Smokey Ceilings” is a dark and eerie drill jam made up of solemn textures, mellow synths and thick 808 kicks to match.


Apollo Brown – “Glimpse”

Apollo Brown shares “Glimpse” off the forthcoming compilation titled In The Loop. The veteran producer shows why he is one of the best out here as he crafts a dreamy and sombre tune made up of warm textures, lush keys sublime vocal hums and soft head-nodding drums to boot.



Otis McDonald – “Sun Ray”


Acclaimed instrumentalist/singer Otis McDonald brings some “Sun Ray” into the list with his new single. The track is a punchy and funky tune built with lush funky basslines, lush synths and head-nodding drum grooves to boot. He even throws in his distinct melodic vocals on the hook for good measure.



Domnxn – “Melancholy”

Domnxn caught our ears with “Melancholy”, a sad brooding beat that sounds much like the title. The moody strings, pads and layered textures are sublime and work perfectly over the sparse drums. In a nutshell, this is perfect to listen to in the dark while meditating.



Silk Static – “Door of Destinies”

Silk Static makes a grand appearance on our list with “Door of Destinies”, a genre-bending beat that is both dark, cinematic and edgy. The production is made up of sombre orchestral stabs, eastern aesthetics with electronic synths with vibrant phrasing and punchy drums.


Frizzo – “Fast Lane”


German producers Frizzo and SOTT team up to craft this dark trap beat titled “Fast Lane”. The textures are cinematic and brooding and the sparse trap drum grooves are well crafted while it’s short in length, it sure packs a punch.

bond77 – “Cocoa Rum Shake”


bond77 delivers this tune titled “Cocoa Rum Shake”, a melodic and atmospherically blissful tune that caught our ears. From the warm textures, nostalgia-inducing horn stabs, lush pads and grooves, the producer really raises the ante with this brilliant tune.

Astronomers of the Strange – “Old Illusions”

Astronomers of the Strange delivers “Old Illusions”, a soothing and sombre tune made up of brooding strings, sparkling keys and off-kilter sound design.

PJhasBeats – “Ocelot”

“Ocelot” is a smooth jazz-hop beat from PJhasBeats. The producer employs punchy boom-bap drums with crisp layered instrumentation. The jazzy keys and cinematic strings play off each other and no instrument overlaps or distracts listeners from diving into the entire arrangement.


Quist – “Rain Reverie”


Quist‘s “Rain Reverie” is an engaging piece that starts off slow and picks up as it progresses. The low tones and airy guitar picks with smooth trailing reverbs and sparsely arranged percussions and moody pads seamlessly flow into one another.


KingXxStrategic – “Release The Pressure”

KingXxStrategic helps “Release The Pressure” with his newest offering. The track is soothing and mellow and made up of low tones, sparse drum grooves, well-timed scratches and chilled bass riffs too.

Rudi Resch – “Pineapple”

Austrian producer Rudi Resch goes the extra mile with his new effort titled “Pineapple”. It’s laidback, moody and nostalgic and the layered guitar lines and airy textures really make for a great listening experience.

Philip Phunk – “Origami”

German producer Philip Phunk taps into the theme of “Origami” with this mind-moulding tune that takes from different styles. The drums are punchy, the textures have pop aesthetics and overall exude lofi qualities as well.


kBeats x Beyond moments – “Mojito”

The duo of kBeats and Beyond moments serve our ears some aural “Mojito”. The chill hop/lofi elements are pronounced and it slowly builds with each guitar pluck and airy melodic pads.

DCS Lefty – “Conduit”

“Conduit” is a vibrant guitar-driven track by producer DCS Lefty who blends pop with chill-hop sensibilities. The drum breaks are rousing and his use of subtle transitions and breaks really makes this brilliant from top to bottom.

godzhiller – “40”

godzhiller lightens the mood a bit with his upbeat track titled “40”. From the low-toned Rhodes, sprinkling jazzy keys and pulsating bass-laden boom-bap drums, the track sure hits the mark and is a perfect track to study to.


Eastern Sage – “Tamashii”

Eastern Sage‘s “Tamashii” is a reflective and solemn tune made up of pronounced strings, mellow keys laced with pads and soft drums. The arrangement is crisp and each instrument sure breathes as they intertwine with each other.

Thomas Tempest – “When the Clock Strikes Midnight”

UK producer Thomas Tempest thrills us with the piano-laden beat titled “When the Clock Strikes Midnight”. It’s a smooth mellow track filled with soothing key progressions, punchy but sparsely arranged drums and a warm bassline to boot.


madi makes beats – “Keep Going – Instrumental”


madi makes beats help close out this week’s list with “Keep Going – Instrumental”, taken from his upcoming EP Hopefully with Sareem. The relaxing and soothing soundscape is built on thick basslines, ethereal sound design and punchy spaced-out drums.

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