Greenburgh NY born,  Atlanta GA based artist ButtaBeats Inc gives his own take on black life in America on his record titled “dead already”. The poignant track deals with the myriad problems facing black men in America and shows a deeply rooted systematic oppression from various angles.

“Dead Already” was shot in Atlanta by director HonestVisions. The video centers around the murder of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr by the hands of police in 2011 which serves as a prime example of such racial discrimination, in this case at the hands of the police. The video puts the song in a proper perspective. Going forward Dead Already should serve as a stepping stone for ButtaBeats Inc and his forthcoming album The Revenge of Charles Martin.



Short Bio

ButtaBeats Inc’s music is a reflection of the Black experience in America, laid over lush audio soundscapes produced and written by the artist himself. To put it simply Buttabeats Inc doesn’t sound like anyone in the industry and his music occupies a unique space. With 2 prior releases under his belt (2005 Men Apart and 2009 Shine From Within) he is not a new artist even if this is the first time you have heard of him. With over a decade of experience producing and recording; his next album The Revenge of Charles Martin is a testament to that experience. Recorded in Atlanta over the past year this serves as a statement to what it took to get from an aspiring Rapper/Producer to actually being one.


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