This is essentially an updated version of the original ‘Lock me Up’ we posted a while back. A very different version,complete with snare rolls, deep pounding kicks and an overall bounce to match.

Watch out for BURNTmd’s full length The Green Invasion which drops on 7/16.

Police brutality and racial profiling always seem to pop up in local and national news without fail. And it begs the question of how responsible law enforcement officials really are, with all of their power.BURNTmd is here with some friends to get you thinking about more than making it rain in a club over a pop/EDM beat. So take a listen, and learn how the good doctor along with comrades PaceWon andSnoop Dogg watch the watchmen. The “Lock Me Up” remix co-produced by both Mr. Green and Point Blank is now available for free download, and will be available on BURNTmd’s  album which drops next Tuesday (7/16). Pre-orders are now available through iTunes.

[wpsharely]Preorder The Green Invasion: iTunes[/wpsharely]

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