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The JUSE x Makeba Mooncycle x Boss B.R.E. x Madam Herbivore x Nicole Wordz x Born Abigail x Sundé x Mannie Tseayo x Tracy Healing Moon x A’mone’ – “Black Honey


“Black Honey” is a posse cut put together by 9 incredibly talented women who form a musical alliance of epic proportions. The JUSE, Makeba Mooncycle , Boss B.R.E. , Madam Herbivore , Nicole Wordz, Born Abigail, Sundé , Mannie Tseayo, Tracy Healing Moon and A’mone‘ bring their talents to the forefront blending heartfelt melodic runs, evocative raps and spoken word laced with positive messages and underpinned by that pure black girl magic power.





Bori Joey – “MOMENTUM


Bori Joey’s  “MOMENTUM” is a bravado-laden track that showcases the rapper’s fiery flows and versatility. Over the laidback and cinematic backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into his life and drops hard-hitting bars, reminding naysayers not to come close.



Chris Dali – “Stand Out”

Emerging NY-raised rapper Chris Dali gives us a sneak peek into his life in “Stand Out”. Over a moody and sombre backdrop made up of pitched-up vocal chops and brooding textures, he gives a candid view of his lifestyle and the things that make him tick.




Nec Nymbl x RAjaw – “Don’t Leave Me” (ft. Reks)


Toronto Composer/Producer Nec Nymbl and RAjaw team up with NY emcee Reks for this reflective record titled “Don’t Leave Me”. The production is sombre and employs a familiar sample that evokes heartwarming vibes. The emcees do their thing blending insight with bravado in a seamless manner.


Celsius – “Checkmate”

Celsius‘s new single “Checkmate” is a candid look into the dynamics and limited options given to black men in a world where nothing is given. Over the moody and brooding backdrop, he shares his own experiences from the losses and failings but with perseverance, he reminds us that he is not down for the count.


J.D.F – “Heaven’s Freestyle”

Rapper J.D.F brings a blend of reflection and stream of consciousness in his new single “Heaven’s Freestyle”. The music production is warm and sombre while the lyrics are quite engaging and fun.



mark vasquez – “Climb”

Mark. Vasquez‘s newest release titled ‘Climb” is a heartfelt and introspective tune that blends pop elements with a modern twist. Over lush guitar riffs and smooth drum grooves, Mark delivers an aspirational tale underpinned by alluring melodic runs and memorable harmonies.




Albusta – “Raised in The Jungle”

Emerging rapper Albusta makes an entry on our list with “Raised in The Jungle”. The track is a bouncy and punchy tune ripe with heavy bass, thick drum grooves and fiery raps from Albusta and KC the MC.


DemarcoTheMan – “Vice Vegas”

DemarcoTheMan brings storytelling to the heights in his new single titled”Vice Vegas”. Over a rich and somewhat nostalgic backdrop, he takes listeners deep into his world and the various characters that live in it.

RosGotSauce – “GUAP”

RosGotSauce raises the ante with a new single “GUAP” that caught our ears. Over an upbeat and energetic backdrop, he implores us to get up, get out and get that proverbial moolah and stop making excuses.

Connor Terrones – “I Don’t Come Around”


Multi-talented artist Connor Terrones shares the new single “I Don’t Come Around” on our list. The track is a smooth insightful piece that explores the “what if” situation in love. Over a sombre and mellow backdrop, he pours his candid thoughts on wax

Devin Roy – “Mr. Avocado Man”

Devin Roy recently put out his debut album but now returns with a new single “Mr. Avocado Man” which shows him trying out something different. The track has a soulful and lively feel with its warm textures and guitar riffs while the lyrics are insightful and reflective.

John Brown – “Dedication, Pt. 2”

John Brown gets down to business in his new release “Dedication, Pt. 2”, a hard-hitting and dark tune that explores his work ethic and journey as a man on a mission. Over the cinematic backdrop, he shows us how he keeps grinding regardless of the hurdles ahead.


AC Tatum – “Can’t Be Mad” (feat. Kamilah Chevel)

Pasadena, California-based rapper/lawyer AC Tatum drops his new single “Can’t Be Mad”, a smooth west coast tribute jam. Over the smooth bounce, he delivers a feel-good performance alongside vocalist Kamilah Chevel.

SHEZ – “I Deserve Better”

London-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist SHEZ makes his entry on our list with his new release titled “I Deserve Better”.Over a soulful and sombre backdrop, he delivers a blend of hushed rap verses with sultry melodic runs. The topic is quite relatable and details the dynamics of love between two people and how they cope with it all.

Melkior – “Glistenin'”

Sicilian-born, Sydney-raised RnB singer/songwriter Melkior shares his new single “Glistenin'” which showcases his unique vocal style and stylish songwriting. The production is soulful and his vocal performance is engaging from start to finish.

Untold Poet – “Shut It Down”

UK, Essex-born rapper/songwriter and former frontman of New Subjects, Untold Poet has proceeded on a solo mission since 2020 and he now shares his new record titled “Shut It Down”. Over a brooding and punchy sparse backdrop, he delivers a solid performance ripe with insight and reflective lyrics that listeners can rock with.


Rokko Ca$h – “Smoked Away the Afternoon”

Emerging rapper Rokko Ca$h shares a feel-good tune “Smoked Away the Afternoon”. It sure stays true to its title and sees the rapper having a blast just chilling and doing what he does. Over a bouncy summery backdrop, he showcases his versatility blending smooth raps layered by catchy melodic runs and attention-catching adlibs.

Matt Nye – “Playa Escalator” (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Matt Nye doesn’t miss and on his new release titled “Playa Escalator” he teams up with the legendary Snoop Dogg who adds that pimping into the smooth and groovy jam. Nye also does his thing for sure with his distinct animated flow.


Tobi Adey – “Jump”

UK/Nigerian rapper Tobi Adey pours his heart on wax in his new single “Jump” where he implores believers to rise up and not falter in their faith in God. Over a dark and haunting backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with vivid lyricism underpinned by Gospel-tinged and inspirational elements.



Jae Anthonie – “Are You Rollin, Too”

Jae Anthonie is an American rapper raised in the Antelope Valley, (North of Los Angeles) and Carson California. A songwriter/producer/mix engineer and ore, he is fully hands-on with his craft and on his new single “Are You Rollin, Too”, he shows us that he is a go-getter and doesn’t have time to waste on a girl who is not on the same wavelength.


Nathan Ornate – “The Valley”

Emerging Denver, CO-based singer/producer Nathan Ornate makes a grand entrance on our list with “The Valley”. The heartfelt song is bouncy and it’s a showcase of his vocal dexterity and production skills. The melodic runs are soothing and candid songwriting is relatable and evocative as well.


Showrocka x Shyheim – “I Grew up on Wu (Remix)”

Hardworking emcee Showrocka pays homage to the legendary Wu tang clan in his new single titled “I Grew up on Wu (Remix)”. The laidback Wu-Esque track sees him teaming with Wu affiliate Shyheim to help accentuate the homage. Both emcees pay homage in their respective as they use different Wu members, and song titles as a focal point of their rhymes.
According to Showrocka, the song was originally written with Shyheim in mind, however, he was in jail when the original dropped, and upon his release, Showrocka reached out to him to make the dream collaboration come true. This is what the Wu sounds like in 2022, and it sounds pretty damn good.

M Soto – “Money Now”

“Process, trust it/ deposit, love it” is the keyword laid out by M Soto in his new single titled “Money Now”. The rapper delivers a perfect hustler anthem on our list. Over a cinematic trap backdrop, he shows us his work ethic and how he stays focused on his business.


Vezzy Vision – “Put The Guns Down”

Vezzy Vision helped close out the list with “Put The Guns Down”. The jazz-infused tune has a 90s boom bap vibe and is underpinned by a reflective and much-needed message of peace in the neighbourhood. He talks about gun violence and gang activity and how it affects people negatively. In turn, he adds that what we need is brotherhood and implores everyone to put the guns down.

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