The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ivan B – “Used to Be”

Ivan B‘s “Used to Be” is a reflective piece that sees him going back to the genesis. Over a melancholic soundscape, he shares some heartfelt tales about love and the dynamics of the unpredictable emotions that come with it.


steelakejake – “FINAL FANTASY “(feat. Tre Ross)


steelakejake and Tre Ross team up for “FINAL FANTASY “, a dark piano-laden tune that showcases the duo’s stylish lyrical skills. Backed by the sombre piano progression and thick 808-drums, the rappers deliver a blend of dark, insightful and bravado-laden performance. They hold nothing back and give a nuanced and unfiltered performance from start to finish.

CRIS STREETZ – “Temperature”

CRIS STREETZ drops “Temperature” featuring Jaewon, a hard-hitting collaboration that brings fiery flows with street-smart lyricism. CRIS sets if off with his commanding flow followed by Jaewon’s laidback cadence.


Showrocka – “Cause it’s Kwanzaa – Radio Edit”

Showrocka drops “Cause it’s Kwanzaa – Radio Edit” which is the second song from his holiday trilogy. The song is a reflective song that aims to uplift listeners and teach them about the 7 principles of Kwanzaa. The track has a fun-filled and cheerful vibe but the message being passed is the crux of the matter.



Neb Doe – Ain’t Nothin

LA-based Ethiopian American Hip-Hop artist Neb Doe comes through with this adulation-filled jam titled “Ain’t Nothing”. Over the west summer -bounce and lush keys, the rapper flexes on the opposition and pays homage to his crew and some baddies who are down with the crew.


GOTTI MOB (Kurupt & C-Mob) – “Players Ball” (feat. Snoop Dogg)

GOTTI MOB (Kurupt & C-Mob) takes us to the “Players Ball”  with the aid of the legendary Snoop Dogg. Over a classic west coast synth-laden boom-bap backdrop, the trio proceed to showcase their lyrical wares with much gusto and the result is a chilled laidback tune we all can relax to.


Taz Conley – “Game Night”

Taz Conley is in his element in the aptly titled song “Game Night”. Over an upbeat cinematic and dark backdrop, he delivers a series of double time verses threaded by a catchy and quite memorable hook.

J.Plantana– “Isosceles”


Michigan-based Bisexual female rapper J.Plantana caught our ears with her latest release “Isosceles”, a deep insightful track that explores her life and the dynamics of balancing art, daily struggles and then some.


Remmorii – “wlyd”


Remmorii‘s “wlyd” is a reflective tune that pays tribute to the past while echoing promises for the future. It sees the rapper running through his journey as a young multi-cultural black man doing his best to make his dreams come true.





Kinga World – “MONARCH”

St. Louis, MO-based Kinga World makes his entry on our list with “MONARCH”, a soulful and reflective tune that explores his life as a young man balancing his craft, education and love. He is quite nuanced, and candid and delivers his verses with much emotion and gusto.


Eden Elf – “IDC”

Eden Elf’s first single “IDC” is a fusion of pop/trap with experimental elements. With the slow build-up and airy textures coupled with the distinct whispered vocal runs, the single sure deliver something different to the forefront.




SHOWTIME RAMON – “Randy Savage” ft Bonnie Freetown


SHOWTIME RAMON embodies the charismatic spirit of the legendary wrestler in his eponymous song titled “Randy Savage” which features Bonnie Freetown (founder of Zangief Money Gang (ZMG) ). The track is dark and brooding and sees both emcees doing what they do best with vivid, off-kilter bars. The song is the first release from Bonnie since he came home from prison and he starts it with much gusto while Ramon finishes it with the final 16 bars.


Raptor – “Real”

Canadian rapper Raptor delivers this insightful track titled “Real” on our list. Backed by a playful and bouncy beat made by STVRK who works with a xylophone and 808’s. Raptor switches his rapping style throughout the song going from a regular pace for most of the verse and switching to a double time cadence to break the monotony. The rap style is quite engaging but the subject matter is worth noting as he dwells on things like materialism and self-worth.

D-MatiK – “Enjoy the Intro”


D-MatiK makes a grand entry on our list with his new effort titled “Enjoy the Intro”. The anthemic tune has elements of rock with hard-hitting drums and sizzling guitar riffs that are all underpinned by his animated flow and no holds bared bravado bars.

Dephree – “Ving Rhames”


Dephree is killing the game like “Ving Rhames” as he gets medieval on the soulful soundscape. He delivers a bravado and humour-driven performance ripe with vivid lyricism and a chilled relaxing chorus to boot.




BlackLiq x Ohbliv – “Rhyme”

BlackLiq and Ohbliv show us how deep the “Rhyme” can collide with real life. Over Ohbliv’s choppy and scenic soundscape made up of crisp guitar licks, soulful textures and rousing drum grooves, BlackLiq pours his all on wax and shows listeners where work ethic can take him and it only up. The track is taken off their What Will It Take (EP) out now via Man Bites Dog Records, exclusively at Bandcamp and also with 7-inch lathe, CDs and tapes available

Donnie Franko – “Eyes Low”

London-based rapper Donnie Franko caught our ears with his new release titled “Eyes Low”. Over a Spanish guitar-tinged soundscape, the emcee gets into his bag with vivid unfiltered lyrics and his unique flow.

Nameka – “Froze”

Nigerian rapper Nameka makes an entry on our list with this eclectic piece titled “Froze”. Over an atmospheric soundscape, he takes us into his mind and the thoughts of finding his true goals amidst the madness around him.

SIVH – “Bossy”

SIVH gets into his bag in his new single “Bossy”, a smooth alluring piece that sees him pouring adulations on a lady who caught his heart. Over an atmospheric soundscape, he delivers a melodic flow that is both catchy and vivid.

Skuzii – “Romans”

Skuzii‘s “Romans” is a go-getter anthem that details the art of waking up and going out to get what is yours. The beat is sparse and punchy but the verses are intentional and engaging.

Lord Enos – “Rebound”

Lord Enos‘s new single “Rebound” parallels life with the game of basketball. Over a cinematic and moody backdrop, he uses Basketball terminologies to explain the journey of life with an uplifting message of going out and achieving one’s dreams despite the hurdles.

1 Alone – “Addiction”

1 Alone shares “Addiction”, a heartfelt single taken from his new LP, Reflections of Adversity. Backed by a punchy and cinematic backdrop, the rapper details his struggles with addiction and the process with which he copes with the situation.

Bullet Brak – “Getch Ya”

Bullet Brak comes through with “Getch Ya”. A moody track made up of lush bells and dark synths with punchy drums. As expected, the lyrics are vivid and unfiltered from start to finish.


RVN gets into his bag with “JFK”, a cinematic piece ripe with dark textures, thick drums and his unique melodic flow.

jonnychang – “OBLONGATA” (with Lumikools & Sweatyhands)”

jonnychang closes out the list with “OBLONGATA”, a soulful piece that details the intersectionality between anxiety, family and the coping mechanism used in order to heal. He is joined by Lumikools and Sweatyhands who share their own 2 cents on the vocal sample-driven soundscape.

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