Brandon Isaac gets into his performance bag in this video and does damage on stage. In this day and age where rappers now lip sync, it is great to see a rapper doing it the ideal way especially with no back up dancers or stage effects. This is how true emcees are forged in the fire and shows for real who is a master of the ceremonies. Storytelling is becoming a lost art. The ability to captivate a audience and direct a narrative through plot, characters, and dialogue is becoming more and more less common. Brandon Isaac is a storyteller who in his own right reflects on his life. Then in that reflection connects to his fellow man. Brandon is purposeful in his art; whether it comes from darkness and or from healing. He will not say something to just … say something.

In 2020 he released two projects. The recent being a collaboration with Devin Burgess entitled “Dark Matter” and his self produced EP “Sketches of Healing” to which both projects can be found here.

Brandon Isaac is the embodiment of a modern midwestern renaissance. Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio, He has never been a stranger to entertainment nor hip hop. The Queen City is an original hot bed for the underground. While nati MCs paved the way locally, Brandon is largely influenced by east coast hip hop. Winters kept warm with bubble coats and Timberlands, weeks kept patient on an eternal spiritual quest, and lazy afternoons back dropped with legendary grooves by DJ Hi-Tek are all the elements you can feel in this kid. The key he used to unlock the universe was always found in his enlightenment through Hip Hop. Then suddenly it wasn’t.

Brandon is also a comic. With a stroke of passion he moved to Atlanta to pursue his dream of being a stand up comedian. Hard times come fast. Only hours after losing his job, his car broke down. After months of hitting the Atlanta comedy circuit hard, his passion for telling jokes started to decline. To make matters worse, his best friend was brutally murdered back home. Anticipating the beginning of his dreams falling apart, he didn’t know what to do next. It was a defining moment in his career and in his life.

Feeling broken, he began to roam Atlanta’s streets. Memories rushed through his mind. As he walked, he remembered laughing with his best friend one week before he passed. In between cyphers his friend said “B, I know you love comedy. But man promise me you will make me a mixtape, one day. I think that’s your true calling”. He remembered laughing it all off. But on this walk he decided it was time for a change. He turned on some old 90s hip-hop beats and something clicked. He stopped walking and started writing. He felt this new passion and excitement. It was like he was he was back home rhyming with his friend. In many ways, this experience was God sent, toughening his resolve and fuelling his drive to succeed.

Check out the video to see the definition of what a true emcee is and get accustomed to it.

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