Ohio Duo Brandon Isaac and Lo – Tek return with a new 3 track project The Sketches Of Healing Vol.3 which dives into self-identity, realization, and growth. Bolstered by the soulful and moody backdrop by Lo-Tek and heartfelt and evocative lyrics from Isaac, the duo’s chemistry is undeniable and each song taps into different aspects of life and is quite reflective and thought-provoking as well.

” The First Sketch” opens up the project and details the need for being vulnerable and true to oneself to be able to heal properly. The track is short but quite poignant as Isaac gives a vivid and honest account of his childhood and all the mistakes and missteps that ultimately made him a better person. The second cut “Fuck being perfect” has a dreamy and ethereal backdrop that fits Isaac’s storytelling and opinions on the capitalistic system, gentrification, and disenfranchisement of POC. The final cut “Finger Paint” is a bit moody and choppy but it’s punchy too. Isaac goes into bravado mode and paints graphic images with his fiery flow and deft lyricism.

This project is only available in the “ Healing Box” Subscription on Brandon Isaacs Bandcamp

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