Masethemessiah is one of the few artists still keeping the conversations going around the black issues in America. It is no longer news of what the American socio-political system has become following the killing of George Floyd. A lot of issues surrounding race and race relations have become highlighted which has led to a lot of expressiveness. Masethemessiah is one of the few making those expressions via his song ‘Blackfoot Walka (Heart of a Lion)’ and he goes on to say that:


“This song is to not only raise awareness with what is going on around us in the black community but to also raise the inspiration to stand up and fight back and fight off the oppressor. While also keeping sane and being wise throughout this battle.”

Born in Sacramento and raised in East Palo Alto, 19 year old Masethemessiah is quickly becoming one of the Bay Area’s favourite underground artist. Traditional hip-hop fans have tuned into him across the midwest and east coast to hear the combination of soul, poetry, and emcee style rap as well as the lyricism and overall message of the songs. His music is heavily influenced by his environment and west coast hip hop as well as southern soul and poetry being his great grandfather was a blues musician by the name of Chester Wilson. He also is inspired by artists like Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Earl Sweatshirt and many more.
Stream the powerful song on Bandcamp and Spotify but also know that Masethemessiah is live on social media so holla at him on Soundcloud,  Twitter and Instagram
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