Russia has created some dope hip hop artists – Long Arm stands as quite possibly my favourite – and producer Boora seems set to join that list. The Art Of 10 Seconds is a construction by Boora, inspired and formed from 70s Soviet jazz (check that sample at 7:15!), created solely with a sampler with a sprinkling of audio samples from Russian cinema. He has a full length release coming on Blunted Astronaut soon, which is going to be one to look forward to, and since this is just part one I guess we have a part two of 10 Seconds to look forward to!

The Art Of 10 Seconds is a short beat compilation made solely on the legendary sampler E-MU SP 1200. It is based on the 70s jazz from the Soviet Union, and features movie dialogues, as well as rare and bizarre sounds from labels such as the famous Melodiya.

Boora’s full-length vinyl project coming later this year on Blunted Astronaut Records.

[wpsharely]Download The Art Of 10 Seconds: Soundcloud[/wpsharely]

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