It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Hautsaus – “chill saus ii”


Hautsaus returns with “chill saus ii”, the sequel to his previously released beat. The beat has a laidback alluring vibe that takes elements from jazz and 90s boom-bap.
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Larhythmix – “Diamond Soul”


“Diamond Soul” by Larhythmix has a solemn, dreamy feel with its layered pads, weird synths, and soft drums. It is somewhat ethereal and airy too but doesn’t get too rowdy. It’s quite soothing and relaxing too.
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11 Acorn Lane – “Daddy Long Legs”


U.S. based duo 11 Acorn Lane drop “Daddy Long Legs.” A reflective beat that is ripe with smooth pads, solemn textures, and head-nodding grooves. The duo is made up of Swiss producers Thomas Feurer and Neal Pawley.


flamingo zamperoni & – “When does it stop being partly sunny and start to become partly cloudy?”

flamingo zamperoni teamed up with for this cinematic beat titled “When does it stop being partly sunny and start to become partly cloudy?”The title is quite lengthy and the beat sure matches it with it’s scenic soundscape. The track is taken from his collab EP with -a 4track EP 4 questions.




First.Owl – “Juvenescent”


First.Owl’s “Juvenescent” is a solid punchy track that blends jazz, neo soul, and some hip-hop. I dig the lush textures and slow build-up.
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Mvdk – “Bourbon Street Jazz”


Mvdk’s “Bourbon Street Jazz” sure taps into the jazz world with its lush keys, dusty bassline, and staggering drums. The lo-fi elements do shine through.
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Nefarious Aquarius – “We Ready For It All”

Nefarious Aquarius gives us some introspective vibe on the guitar-driven beat titled “We Ready For It All.” I like the mellow vibe and bounce as it is well crafted and gripping.



Cana – “Border Lines”

Cana drops the official video for his beat “Border Lines.” The beat has a mellow solemn vibe with its dark keys, weird synths like basslines, and textures. There is a switch-up in the middle so watch out for that.
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Boora – “Vibe”


Boora taps into the boom-bap zone on “Vibe.” I like how he makes use of classic rap vocals and throws in a nice horn section into it as well. This is the second single of vinyl release called Soundogolism 2.
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Beats In The Bank – “Reminisce”


Beats In The Bank gives us some reflective vibes on “Reminisce.” The beat is made up of lush nostalgic keys and throws in a nice ethereal vocal sample into it as well
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Angel DXST – “Hereafter”


LA-based artist and producer Angel DXST treats us to some reflective solemn vibes titled “Hereafter.” The beat has a soothing synth, melodic textures, and mellow drums to match.



NICO.x3 – “Buddha State of Mind”


NICO.x3 comes through with another gem titled “Buddha State of Mind.” The boom-bap mood is prevalent and the dusty horns sure make it solid as well.
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Da’Vinci – “Getdown”


Da’Vincis “Getdown” is a fusion of styles with its lush textures and bounce. The layered moody sounds are well-crafted too. The build-up is interesting as well.
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Cana – “Artificial Intelligence”


Cana‘s “Artificial Intelligence” is a mash-up of styles ranging from downtempo, futuristic and hip-hop. The sequences and synths do have a cinematic and scenic feel and the switch up in the middle is solid too.

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numbered_sounds – “Searching”


numbered_sounds makes use of smooth keys and guitars on his new release titled “Searching.” It sure has a soothing dreamy vibe and exudes the pure mood of lofi music.


NT Beats – “Colombia”


NT Beats closes the playlist with “Colombia”, a pretty cinematic beat that is ripe with Spanish guitars and smooth drums to match. Its quite alluring

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