Recently stumbled upon a super dope producer Birocratic. Biro hails from New York City and is pumping out some sick head nodders. His most recent album Beets Volume Two just dropped and has some instrumental goodness for everyone. A ton of jazz influences mixed with some soulful samples is the perfect combo. In my opinion very reminiscent of Blazo. Beets Volume Two can be picked up for free via Biro’s bandcamp. Show some love!

Beets two, the spiritual successor to beets. Came at it from a different approach this time. i’m still learning every day. These beats are from all over the place – beat battles, one-offs, projects that took me a single evening (frontusis) to several months (i started prismatic on a plane to atlanta in october and didn’t finish it until memorial day). Hopefully what I’ve made speaks to you in some way or another. But i digress – i’ll let the music do the talking.

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