SUNNYDALE II is the second installment to the Sunnydale series by rapper BD3 and producer/engineer Unkle Nephew. The 11-track project sees the duo recruiting their collective known as Trew Culture and a host of artists like vocalist Edson Sean, renowned producer CARTOONS and others. The project is bolstered by the rich instrumentation that uniquely blends soul-funk and hip-hop and the insightful grown-man bars that remind us that hip-hop culture is not only a young man’s game.



The aptly titled “OG iNTRO” is a callback to summertime with the protagonist basking in the euphoria of the hottest season in the year and doing what he knows best and he also chops it up with an OG who gives him some priceless jewels for his head top. The track features Mic Blaque as well. The first record “TWEED CHECKERS” is introduced by an audio cassette click before the soulful soundscape comes into play. Backed by lush keys, smooth drum grooves and soothing melodic vocals. BD3 gets into the zone with a commanding flow and graphic storytelling that brings listeners deep into his world. Lines like Keep it a bean, most niggaz got devious-schemes/Watch for serpents, Ulysses Nardin and serpentine make you nervous/so playboy what’s your purpose, you taking up space while the earth spin” set the tone properly. The track features Matt Maijah. The next track “CLOTH TALK” is a reflective tune that sounds like a cinematic scene from a blaxploitation flick showcasing the beauty of black excellence. Here, BD3 invites us into the exquisite world he lives in. Joining him is vocalist Edson Sean who adds a soothing melodic touch to the track. The duo of Rojo LaVoe and Matt Maijah appear on “STAY”, a heartfelt and soulful tune that explores the aftermath of a breakup and the memories of the past. Over the rousing and dreamy backdrop, BD3 reflects on his past mistakes in a relationship and tries to reconcile his feelings and the thought of losing that special someone forever.


“KiTE II” is another soulful gem that is smooth as butter. The rich backdrop is peppered by sultry melodic runs from Rojo LaVoe and adulation-filled raps from BD3 who reminisce on the lady who caught his eye. He compliments her special attributes and assures her that he will always be down for her. “SUN E’s iNTERLUDE” serves as a befitting break on the compilation and the result is a throwback soul tune that employs a fictional radio theme that plays quite storm records and BD3 embodies the spirit of a crooner espousing the true essence of love to his audience. “TOXic” is a heartfelt and solemn tune that talks about damaged relationships and the different perspectives each party holds. It’s a goodbye letter of some sort as BD3 comes to terms with his situation and makes steps to move on. Joining him is singer  Jermaine Holmes who peppers the track with some alluring melodies. Vocalist Rojo LaVoe comes through again on “LUCKY” with a catchy and memorable chorus while BD3 adds a playful flow throughout the track. The record is quite enjoyable, chilled and perfect for that cool evening ride.


“BRUSH” is a laidback and reflective tune that is filled with various nuggets of gems for us to live by like “Don’t hate before you brush your teeth, that’s a warning”and a nod to some classic hip-hop cuts. The production is quite layered and flips the classic “Strawberry Letter 23” song into something refreshing. The project wraps up with the funk-rock infused “PATHS” featuring his daughter Saviour Sage and “DARDRA (UNKLE’S GROOVE III)”. “PATHS” is a tune that talks about being self-reliant and believing in one’s potential in the face of detraction while “DARDRA (UNKLE’S GROOVE III)” has a cool jazz-lounge vibe that is hypnotic and nostalgia-inducing. From the smooth basslines, psychedelic textures, lush xylophones and live drum grooves to the overall sublime arrangement, the track showcases Unkle Nephew’s production prowess.


In closing SUNNYDALE II, is a soulful and rich body of work that aims to showcase the chemistry between two artists who are worth their salt. From live instrumentation, and subtle sampling to candid lyricism, listeners are gifted on all fronts with high-calibre art from the duo known as BD3 and Unkle Nephew.

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