The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Valed – “Dollars for Dimes”


Valed drops “Dollars for Dimes” from his mixtape DUMPSTERFIRE. The soul sample-driven track sees him in retrospective mode as he looks back on the hurdles and obstacles artists face in the world and details the situation of those who are unable to push through. It’s quite solemn and the lyrics are nuanced and heartwarming as well.





Angelyse Mariah – “Corny Texts”

Singer/songwriter Angelyse Mariah‘s “Corny Texts” is an upbeat trap/R&B infused record that showcases her versatility and stylish vocals. She takes on the role of a strong woman and shares her perspective on a relationship. She sure is not settling for less and reminds anyone who wants to step to her should come correct and step their game up.


Myxed – “Tied To A Rocket”

Myxed showcases pure lyrical mastery in his new single titled “Tied To A Rocket”. Backed by a punchy and dreamy soundscape, the rapper packs a punch with a series of word play, engaging pop references and a dash of bravado.



Kurst – “The Oracle”

Kurst shares his new single “The Oracle” which delves into having focused determination toward one’s goals and his distrust for people and his shaky love life. Backed by a moody and solemn soundscape, he reminds listeners that he possesses an indomitable spirit and he is not giving up[. His flow is energetic and his use of Disney character references really adds a vivid element to the message.





UglyFace – “Hustle By My Lonely”


UglyFace is on a solo mission in “Hustle By My Lonely”. Over a bouncy soundscape and lilting piano riff, the rapper implores us that life will not give you anything if you don’t go out and take it. He acknowledges that the only way is to hustle and push through the hurdles even if you have to do it alone.



BD3 x Unkle Nephew – “Brush”

Rapper BD3 and producer Unkle Nephew deliver this relatable and introspective collaboration titled “Brush”. Over a banging boom-bap drum groove and live crisp instrumentation, BD3 reminds us to check ourselves before casting judgment and he alludes to hating and negative energy as bad hygiene so we better clean up before heading out to the world.  This 1st single off the upcoming Sunnydale 2 album which is produced in its entirety by BD3’s band Trew Culture featuring Grammy Nominated Saxophonist FKAJAZZ.



MARR2REAL – “90s Mixtape”

MARR2REAL goes back in time with this lyrical dense tribute track titled “90s Mixtape”. He starts it with a J Cole sample and flips into the classic Mobb Deep “Survival Of The Fittest” instrumental and gives us a glimpse into his life with a dash of bravado and unfiltered lyrical schemes to complete the job. The track switches in the middle half as well.



Jae Anthonie – “Uncle G”

Jae Anthonie pays tribute to “Uncle G” aka Geronimo Pratt of the legendary Black Panther party in the 70s. Over a soulful and funk-infused backdrop, Jae tells the story of a Black Panther who is trying to make his community before but the powers that be are steadily in the way.


TAL THE1 x Grafh x Fred The Godson – “The Life”

Producer TAL THE1 links with Grafh and the late legendary emcee Fred The Godson for this heartfelt track titled “The Life”. Over the anthemic and punchy soundscape, the emcees get into their element and deliver motivational and bravado-laden raps that depict their rough past and how they made it through.




Gold Fang – “Mi Nuh Like”


Trinidad-born, Eora-based artist Gold Fang returns with his latest high-energy single, “Mi Nuh Like” which sees him blending hard-hitting grime/drill textures with Caribbean elements. Backed by the beat crafted by his frequent collaborator Swick (M.I.A, JLo, Tkay Maidza). The emcee delivers a choppy patois performance and a mantra-like hook to complete the job.


Dre Bennett – “The Good Song”

“The Good Song” by Dre Bennett is a soulful and uplifting tune that aims to share positive vibes with the listeners. The soundscape is a mix of soulful samples, airy pads and rousing percussion-driven grooves, Dre gets candid with his rhymes and pours his heart on wax, as he acknowledges his flaws and reminds us that we can always do better and make things happen.


Anthony Antoro – “EASTBAY FREESTYLE”

Indie rapper Anthony Antoro makes a grand entry on our site with his newest release “EASTBAY FREESTYLE”, a punchy rap joint that dwells on the importance of self-worth and personal confidence.

VAISH – “let it ride!”

Producer VAISH teams up with rapper Kai The MC for this solemn and reflective record titled “let it ride!”. The sad strings, soft drums and moody piano progressions all form a solid backdrop for the emcee to drop some vivid lyrical gems.

201JUN x RadikalHindu – “CHUNG KING”

RadikalHindu is an Indian-American rapper, drummer, and producer from Jersey City, NJ. His latest release sees him teaming up with 201JUN who takes time to reflect on his past life in the international cultural hub in the heart of his hometown of Hong Kong. Bolstered by RadikalHindu’s punchy and soul-sample-driven backdrop, the rapper takes us on an epic journey to a time gone past.
“CHUNG KING” is the second collaboration between the two artists.

J4YY-B – “Like This” (feat. Amar the Great)


J4YY-B teams up with Amar the Great for a hard-hitting and menacing tune titled “Like This”. Over a punchy boom-bap soundscape, the duo showcases their lyrical prowess and it’s packed with a plethora of wordplay, off-kilter rhyme schemes and more.

K.I.R.B. – “The Bomb Freestyle”.

K.I.R.B. returns with “The Bomb Freestyle”, a lyric-dense track that dwells on real-time issues ranging from the current political climate and the concept of having an elevated mind state to see things for what they truly are.

Abyss x Seti Tzu x Slaine – The Old Me prod. by The Arcitype

Rapper Abyss joins forces with Mass legendary rapper Slaine and veteran singer/songwriter Seti Tzu to forge a remarkable hip-hop composition, over a sombre and cinematic production by celebrated producer The Arcitype.
The result is an unflinching account of life’s challenges conveyed through their individual lenses – delivering an immersive experience that any genuine hip-hop fan will surely appreciate. This is the 1st single off Abyss’ upcoming album Magnum Opus dropping 3/24 and it’s available for pre-save now!

MULLIGVN – “Magnetics”

London, UK-based rapper MULLIGVN comes through his new single “Magnetics” which sees him reflecting on his journey as an artist who has chosen a certain path in the midst of the over-glorified sections of rap that don’t appeal to his true self. Over the soulful and sombre backdrop, he takes us deep into his world and shares why he does what he does with much gusto and how he stays true and keeps his integrity to the core.
It’s the first single to be released from the album Rare Textiles. The single was released on the 17-02-2023 on all streaming platforms.

B.O.M – “Diligence”.

Swizz rapper B.O.M is all about “Diligence” in his new release. Bolstered by a gloomy boom-bap backdrop, he details a tale of finding one’s true North in the midst of the madness and how he exudes perseverance to push on. he cements it with the lines “I never gonna stop unless I need to get buried”

ChaJah Hims – “Why Give Up?”

US, NJ.-based Indie Ghanaian rapper ChaJah Hims who hails from the region of Kumasi Old Tafo makes his entry on our playlist with his new single “Why Give Up?”. As the tile suggests, it is all about staying focused on one’s goals and never giving up regardless of the hurdles ahead. Over a horn-driven trap/drill-infused beat, the rapper implores us to never put ourselves down and always strive to be better and push harder because that is the only way to succeed.

Mostly George x Trey LaRon – “Polar Opposites”

Mostly George teams up with Trey LaRon for “Polar Opposites”, a smooth and dreamy track that is reflective and bouncy. Over the moody backdrop, Trey delivers a stylish performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics that detail a turbulent start in a blossoming relationship. Mostly George comes through as well with a bravado-laden track that sees him focusing on his bag.

Lonesome Bones – “Till We Golden”

Lonesome Bones returns with “Till We Golden”, a smooth laidback tribute to west coast hip-hop. Over a mid-tempo bounce made up of lush textures, airy horns and dreamy pads, the emcee takes us to the sunny San Diego beaches and palm breeze swaying in the refreshing breeze.

Ominous Words – “Rocketship”

Ominous Words is fed up with the craziness of the world and has taken a “Rocketship” to get away. Over a bouncy and moody soundscape, the emcee details the current state of modern life and how it keeps us all in a cyclic state with no hope in sight. He however has found a way out as he dreams of living someplace else, far from the madding crowd. The track is peppered with a smooth melodic chorus that details his ultimate plan to find peace.

JRoberts – “Northern Connect” Featuring Daniel Son

JRoberts teamed up with revered lyricist Daniel Son for this brilliant collaboration titled “Northern Connect”. Over a moody and punchy soundscape, the Canadian emcees bring forth their lyrical wares and rip the beats to pieces.

Es – “COMPLACENT” (feat. Blueprint)

Canadian emcee Es gets back on track with his new single “COMPLACENT” featuring veteran indie lyricist Blueprint. The track focuses on the concept of getting too comfortable with one’s successes and how it affects the individual’s creative process. The track also has Blueprint dropping a ton of knowledge for listeners to grow on.

Father Baker – “Puddles”

Father Baker returns to our site with “Puddles”, a psychedelic and kilter track ripe with any and unfiltered bars.

Frank Dennis – “West”

Emerging rap artist Frank Dennis comes through from the “West” with this dark and moody sound that showcases pure lyricism with unfiltered flows.




JuJu Mad Scientist x Diverse x Good People – Just Friends (feat. Good People Collective, Diverse & J-Tumii)”


JuJu Mad Scientist teams up with Diverse and the Good People collective for this bright and hopeful track “Just Friends”, a bouncy summer jam that dwells on love and heartbreak.

Rich Robbins – “The Understanding”

Emerging artist Rich Robbins shares a heartfelt single “The Understanding” which details his life’s story and much reflection on the meaning of it

Wulf Morpheus – “Get a Load of Me” (feat. Gnarly Marley, MARCO PLUS & Sedona)


Producer Wulf Morpheus helps close out this week’s list with “Get a Load of Me”, a hard-hitting posse cut featuring rappers Gnarly Marley, MARCO PLUS & Sedona. Over the dreamy and sombre backdrop, the emcees deliver a tandem o bravado-driven bars laced with some insight and vivid storytelling.

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