The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Roddod – “Ya Dig”

Roddod shares his candid thoughts on his new release “Ya Dig” which sees him making use of a somber but punchy backdrop. He details a situation between a young black man getting his dues but the law enforcement is hell-bent on stifling his growth. Roddod uses an analogy that shows similarities between gangs and the police which really piques the thinking mind.

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R Dotta x Blueflame James – “On”


R Dotta links up with Blueflame James for his new single “On.” A vivid lyric dense track built over a cinematic backdrop. Both emcees dive into the numerous variables that come with trying to survive the pitfalls of life “On” is off of R Dotta’s Season 2 EP. It’s inspired by the blaxploitation era, specifically The Mack, starring Max Julien.


UK-Craigie – “Stale Cigarette Smoke”

UK emcee UK-Craigie takes us deep into his childhood and then some on his new single titled “Stale Cigarette Smoke.” Backed by a somber guitar backdrop, he reflects on his relationship with his grandmother which fell apart a few years before she passed away. He also dives into the different childhood memories that made him tick.

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artistnameleon x Reef Muny – “MORE TO DO”

Atlanta-based artistnameleon teams up with Reef Muny on his new single “MORE TO DO”. The track has a moody texture and booming bassline while the rappers deliver a plethora of melodic bars. The visual is quite engaging as well.

I.N.L.Y. – “Better Day”

“Better Day” is a heartfelt and moody track provided by I.N.L.Y. who takes time to reflect on the past.


Snick Foley – “DOWNFALL”


Emerging emcee Snick Foley brings pure lyricism to the forefront on his new single”DOWNFALL.” He makes use of a dark ominous backdrop to paint this gloomy picture of his struggles as a young black man trying to find his footing. Armed with a passionate flow and evocative lyrical style, Foley really hit the nail on the head with this insightful track.

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Yorel – “Crossroads 2” (feat. Krayzie Bone & Justin J. Moore)


Yorel teams up with the legendary Krayzie Bone and vocalist Justin J. Moore for this heartfelt and reflective track titled “Crossroads 2”. The track is a tribute to the classic Bone Thugs song of the same name and dives into the mortality of man and the dynamics of this fleeting world that we live in.
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Abstract – “Doc Holliday”


Abstract embodies the spirit and tenacity of the legendary “Doc Holliday” on his new song. Over a moody punchy backdrop, he delivers a vivid tale of a journey through a city filled with snakes and ne’er do-wells. The visual is an engaging stop motion animation made up of wooden puppets and cardboard cutouts moving through hand-crafted sets. The single is taken from his newest album titled Kintsugi.
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Dax – “Propaganda” ft. Tom MacDonald


“Propaganda” is the lead single from Dax‘s forthcoming LP and sees him teaming up with fellow emcee Tom MacDonald. Over a smooth somber backdrop, both emcees reflect on the current state of affairs in the country with a rise in disinformation, propaganda, and fake news. It’s quite enlightening and insightful.
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JP ONE x Nep Jennings x Rodelle Nathan – “Been Here Before”


JP ONE teams up with Nep Jennings and Rodelle Nathan for a heartfelt and reflective track titled “Been Here Before.” Bolstered by a somber piano riff and moody textures, the artist takes time to reflect on the daily struggles of different individuals trying to make their way out of the gutter. The track is peppered by a smooth alluring chorus as well.

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Ro Bless – “My Team”

Ro Bless is in celebratory mode as he drops “My Team” a hard-hitting jam that aims to light the inner passion for success. The rapper drops uplifting verses with motivational elements. Perfect for that morning gym routine.

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Nyomi – “Slayed”


Emerging Atlanta-based rapper Nyomi comes through with a bouncy feel-good jam that displays her carefree flow and confidence. She sure brings something refreshing to the forefront with her calm, laidback flow and catchy hooks to match.

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Bobby Part Time – “All That I Got”


Emerging rapper Bobby Part Time shows us a different side on his bouncy summer-infused track titled “All That I Got.” Over a smooth vibrant backdrop, he delivers a laidback flow over the catchy pop-infused production. The result is a classic feel-good jam that everyone can rock with.


Trizz x Farazi – “Trigger Nometry”


Los Angeles/Inland Empire rapper Trizz and Turkish producer Farazi are back together with their new single “Trigger Nometry”. Bolstered by a booming cinematic backdrop provided by Farazi, Trizz gets into the zone with a go-getter mindset and a whole lot of bravado to solve the equation of life and success.
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Cassie Rytz – “Made It”

Emerging UK rapper Cassie Rytz shares the lead single”Made It” from her new 6 track EP R.U.D.E. and it caught our ears immediately. The production is vibrant and has a smooth cinematic melodic piano riff that runs throughout the track like a mantra. Rytz on the mic is a beast and she delivers a stunning vocal performance ripe with vivid lyrics and engaging cadences laced with insight and of course that good old bravado. This song displays her individuality, making it the perfect track to lead the release of the EP.


J-Fresh – “Trenches”


DJ/producer J-Fresh teams up with rappers Clipson and Skatta for the gritty “Trenches” a vibrant track that showcases fiery performances and detailed lyrics that give listeners a glimpse into the lives of these young men on the grind daily.

Desta French – “Bendecida”


UK-based LatinX artist Desta French is not new to us and on her new single “Bendecita” she once again shows us her genre-bending style in true form. Over a soulful and calming backdrop, she delivers a soul-gripping performance ripe with soothing melodies and insightful lyrics that dive into self-identity and confidence. This is the final single taken from her forthcoming EP, scheduled to drop on Oct. 22nd.
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Rich Hippie – “Like Me”


Philly-based rapper Rich Hippie makes his entry on our list with this upbeat jam titled “Like Me.” He makes use of a rousing guitar-driven backdrop to paint his vivid pictures with his fiery flows and off-kilter style.

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Marlon McClain – “GET DOWN” Feat: BD3


“GET DOWN” is a vibrant funky/hiphop track that sees producer Marlon McClain teaming with NY-based rapper BD3. The guitar-laden bouncy joint is a seamless blend of solid instrumentation and uber-lyricism by the rapper. It features the legendary Jeff Lorber on Keys, Brian Collier on Drums, and Sekou Bunch on bass. The track is produced by Marlon’s long-time friend and collaborator the very talented Ralph Stacy. who suddenly and sadly passed away a few months ago. This is one of the last songs Ralph Stacy produced before his passing.


Genra – “Del Funk”


Genra pays homage to the hyphy movement and his fav rapper Del the funky Homosapien on his new single titled “Del Funk” He proceeds to make use of a vibrant backdrop and his vivid lyricism to show how two different influences and the result is this engaging piece that everyone can rock with. This is one of the last four singles that will form part of his 13 track album entitled Overcomer.



Dillon Holder – “Milky Way”


Dillon Holder takes us to the “Milky Way” a mellow dreamy track that sees him reflecting on a blossoming love between him and a mysterious lady.
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Born I x Willie Waze – “Silver Spring Diary”


Born I teams up with Willie Waze for this heartfelt track titled “Silver Spring Diary” a somber and soulful track that dives into the self-identity from the perspective of a second-generation immigrant. Over a soulful backdrop, Born I takes listeners through his phases and experiences and eventual growth.
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Iaintseenhim – “Panties I’m loving”


Rising rapper Iaintseenhim closes out this week’s list with a punchy lyric-dense track titled “Panties I’m loving.” Over a vocal ample driven hard-hitting backdrop, the rapper pulls the big guns and delivers a fiery performance ripe with vivid lyrics.

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