The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Drew Drake – “Losing My Religion”


Drew Drake pours his heart on the insightful single “Losing My Religion” where he reflects on the current state of affairs and how it affects his faith. From the global societal upheaval, changes in customs, and political unrests, Drew also throws in a nice touch of bravado reminding listeners that he can rock with the best of them.


T Clipse – “BACK TO BUSINESS” (feat. Chester Watson)


T Clipse is “BACK TO BUSINESS” with this tune which sees him collaborating with Chester Watson. Backed by a sublime and somewhat relaxing backdrop, both emcees deliver their unique styles of rap.


4KPHIL. x RunnitBack – “Come Out & Play”


4KPHIL. team sup with RunnitBack for this heartfelt and soulful collaboration titled “Come Out & Play” Ober a smooth relaxing backdrop, the emcee delivers a tale of blossoming love and the ups and downs that come with it.

CartelSons x Jeff x Wary x Lil Woofy Woof – “Hop On”


“Hop On” is a smooth funk track from Lyon-based producer CartelSons who teams up with Jeff, Wary, and Lil Woofy Woof and the result is a mellow classic west coast summer jam we all can rock with.


Mahogany Jones – “Strong Friends / Weak Friends”


Indie emcee Mahogany Jones pours her heart out on the heartfelt single “Strong Friends / Weak Friends” Over a soulful soundscape provided by Dre Marshall & Javi for The Thirties, Mahogany reflects on life and the many tribulations we all face as we try to figure out the true meaning of our existence. She is also joined by singer K.$OUL who delivers an excellent soul-stirring melodic chorus.


Johnny D – “Key West”


As Johnny D prepares to drop the new project he shares a new single “Key West” to set things off and celebrate some good times in the Key West region. Over a heavy guitar-laden soundscape, the rapper flexes on us with vivid and detailed lyrics of his exploits and then some. “Key West” is the lead single off an upcoming project titled Beach Days.


Antwon King – “G.A.I.N.S.”


Antwon King drops the aptly titled song “G.A.I.N.S.” for the go-getters as he makes us of an anthemic backdrop to motivate us to get out and chase our goals with everything we got.



Shawn Mocey x YJO – “Got That”


Indie rapper Shawn Mocey and producer YJO team up for this heartfelt single titled “Got That” over the somber keys and sparse drums, Mocey shares a candid and reflective performance that listeners can relate to


Nasz Dawg – “A Champion”


“A Champion” is an anthemic single by Nasz Dawg who chronicles his journey from nothing to something. Backed by the cinematic soundscape, the rapper recounts his failings and eventual triumph.


Mathematik – “SAMO”


Hip-Hop pioneer Mathematik come through with this unfiltered lyric dense tune titled “SAMO.” The self-produced record is punchy and cinematic which fits Mathematik’s mellow flow and detailed lyricism.


Joey Sigh – “Blues Clues”


Joey Sigh‘s new single “Blues Clues” is pure lyricism and flexing. Over a somber, horn-laden backdrop, the rapper proceeds to showcase his style in all its glory.


Ghettosocks – “What It Seems”


Ghettosocks teams up with Skyzoo and Rome Streetz for this insightful and reflective tune titled “What It Seems.” Bolstered by the nostalgia-inducing soundscape, the emcees deliver a wide range of topics ranging from socio-political elements, crime, poverty, and injustice. The rappers remind us that it’s a never-ending cycle and to make it out you have to play it like chess, not checkers.


Eze Francis – “Know Me”


Eze Francis‘s “Know Me” is a hard-hitting cinematic track that digs into the dynamics of urban life and the daily struggles black folks face and how their perseverance sees them through it all.


Vontred – “Tinderbox”


Vontred‘s “Tinderbox” is a gloomy look at the state of affairs and the global suffering which shows how the pressure can lead to a global uprising and overthrowing a repressive government. His lyricism is detailed and takes listeners through the different stages from the rise to the fall of the government through the power of the masses.


Yung Jibz – “Still Leaving”


UK emcee Yung Jibz digs deep into the aftermath of a breakup in his new single “Still Leaving”. He makes use of a somber Latin guitar-laden backdrop and delivers a solid performance that listeners can appreciate.


Matt Nye – “Until Then”


Matt Nye‘s new single “Until Then” reflects on the lives of some people he knows. Dealing with their own struggles and tribulations, he reflects on the different paths they took and the result of their life decisions. The record interpolates the classic Neyo single “So Sick”


Vicious Teknique – “Can’t Stay Awake”


“Can’t Stay Awake” is a thought-provoking tune from Vicious Teknique that digs deep into modern-day censorship and groupthink. Over a mellow and somewhat solemn soundscape, the chorus rises to a plateau and ties it up.


Marlon McClain – “I Want Your Love”


Veteran guitarist, songwriter, producer, artist manager, entrepreneur Marlon McClain teams up with New York-based MC and lyricist BD3 for a smooth feel-good jam titled “I Want Your Love.” The track produced by the late Ralph Stacy ties in BD3’s smooth lyricism, Marlon McClain’s superb guitar riffs over a groovy soundscape. This is one of the last songs Ralph Stacy produced before his passing.



Ian Henry – “She Is”


Emerging singer/songwriter Ian Henry pours his heart on wax in this new single titled “She Is”. Over Dexter Yu‘s ethereal and moody production, Ian sure delivers the goods in his own style.





SHOWTIME RAMON pays homage to the recently deceased legendary wrestler “Scott Hall” aka Razor Ramon in his new release. Bolstered by a mellow soulful backdrop, the emcee pays homage while showcasing his off-kilter lyricism.
RIP Scott Hall.


V-Ruthless x RoYMakesMyMusic – “Big facts”


Minnesota-based rapper V-Ruthless teams up with RoYMakesMyMusic for this hard-hitting drill track titled “Big facts.” The track is about his journey as a man focused on his goals and more.

Off Topic – “Rhymenetwork Emcees”


Off Topic displays pure unadulterated lyricism on his new release “Rhymenetwork Emcees” over an ominous and dusty backdrop, he comes through with sharp verbal darts and a stylish flow to match.


Ehnsn – “Going”


Ehnsn is an emerging artist who shares his new single “Going” on our list. The soulful track sees him fusing soul with hip-hop sensibilities. Over a somber guitar-laden backdrop he delivers an uplifting piece that dives into perseverance and finding one’s true path in this world.





Sydney rapper PZMST helps wrap up this week’s list with his cinematic single titled “GALLIANO” which makes use of a moody sample and punchy drums. The emcee takes us deep into his world with vivid lyricism and a stylish flow to boot. The song is the intro to his upcoming EP Galliano.

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