The Barrel Brothers Skyzoo and Torae recently released the visuals for their excellent track ‘Memorabilia’

Back in October of 2014 Skyzoo and Torae dropped the video for their second single entitled “Memorabilia” off the stellar Barrel Brothers album. Memorabilia features the two emcees dropping some incredibly inspired lyrics.   Skyzoo and Torae do an excellent job of sounding truly hungry for that ever coveted legendary status in the rap game. The pounding drums along with the pulsing horns really help deliver a sense of urgency. Combine that with numerous basketball references and the fact that the video itself takes place on The West 4th Street courts AKA The Cage and you’ve got yourself a classic! Also, be sure to watch the video for Skyzoo & Torae’s first single “Blue Yankee Fitted” here in case you missed it. After you’ve checked out both videos make sure you support Skyzoo & Torae by purchasing their Barrel Brothers album!

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