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BeNeVoLeNcE a few months back dropped his album Masterpeace; now, he’s shared another batch of dopeness on our forum. From his Bandcamp:

This is the first full-length album released by BeNeVoLeNcE. It’s a concept album that’s themed after the popular RPG video game genre.

From beginning to end, the album tells a fantasy story about how a hero (BeNeVoLeNcE) ventures out to “save the world.” Every place, character, message, and most importantly–every song, contains deep meaning in representing ethical, moral, political, philosophical, and even historical events, ideas, thoughts, actions, and emotions that shape the real world’s current state of being today.

A 26 track album entirely self produced, mixed and written by BeNeVoLeNcE, with a few featured artists in between, full of dope beats and dope rhymes. Check it up on his Bandcamp for $9 (or $12.99 if you want a 2 CD physical copy).

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