In a nutshell, “Hidden” is quite a brilliant piece that is ripe with alluring melodic runs, and inspirational and soul-stirring lyrics to match.


Berlin-based singer-songwriter Aka Kelzz’s musical journey has been a testament to perseverance. Overcoming setbacks and limited representation, Kelzz found solace in Berlin, reigniting their passion for music. The pandemic served as a catalyst for developing their songwriting and honing their music production skills. Collaborating with Rafa Mura was the key to launching their career, and Aka Kelzz has now become a prominent figure in Berlin’s Soul music scene. After a successful year supporting artists like Pip Millet and Madison Mcferrin, Aka Kelzz is on a trajectory to greater success, sharing their evocative vibe with the world.

Ish is a young female artist and actress from Bonn, Germany with roots in Guinea, Angola and Portugal, whose music goes straight to the heart. Her Instrumentals range from melodic Lo-Fi to funk and house and trappy 808 beats that awaken your inner dancer. She is multi-lingual, writing in French, English and German with her debut EP showcasing her range, flair and authenticity. Her artistic versatility extends to acting, where she played the role of “Ava” in 4 seasons of ZDFs own series “DRUCK” which continues to be a major success.

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