Capital Ode teams up with Sekani BRGHTN, Ish, and Ya Cousin on the summer drenched upbeat cut titled “Imported.” Backed by the smooth backdrop by Drum Fu the emcees each come through with their various styles as they celebrate their diverse West Indies roots

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Brooklyn emcee Capital Ode, while representing the New York area, was originally born in Toronto, Canada and survived a nomadic upbringing that can be felt through the art he creates. A prolific artist, Ode has released 15+ singles over the course of a half decade. It’s impossible to force the New York standout into a box as Ode has mastered a number of styles, flows and melodies during his tenure. Capital Ode has already secured his popularity, performing in multiple states and gaining appeal across the globe. Between blog coverage, concerts and merchandise sales, Ode takes the grind seriously, as it’s taken a lot for him to get here. Three albums, an EP, a bevy of singles and performances later, Capital Ode brings a coolness yet awareness to the microphone, that we don’t often see.

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