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WIB VERSUS | 49er’s VS. Oldesoul – Blood Sweat And Tears

What we have here is a rarity between sound and mind…Let me introduce ya’ll to the exclusive sounds of the WORD IS BOND VERSUS!! Oooowwweeee!!..Time to slap ya’ll necks with the brand new exclusive track, some of the “OG ‘s” that have been in the game for a minute and are still on deck to keep [&hellip

WIB VERSUS | J∆Y FLIҊƬ Vs. ARZA – Sour Diesel Acrylics

It’s that time again folks with something different served up for yall.. Please to bring you another WIB VERSUS CLASSICK up in here.. Now this time around we have an East Coast artist that has been featured here numerous of times, an emcee that has been on his non stop grind ever since my first [&hellip


Madd Mary VS. Suhnraw – Hunger Pains (EXCLUSIVE)

Welcome world wide peeps old to new…Here’s the fresh new “Exclusive” Of The Word Is Bond Versus!!!.. We are back ladies and gentlemen in a major way.. You should know by now how this works people, but here’s the low down…so we hand pick tracks and mc’s international to national paying respects to the mic and [&hellip


Word Is Bond Vs. | The Enginear Vs. Savant – Flurry (Exclusive)

This is a long overdue Word is Bond versus featuring The Enginear an 18 year old producer from Trinidad & Tobago that we found last year around this time with SO MUCH talent. I heard this Flurry beat back then and went bananas over it. The diversity throughout the track is insane and I knew that [&hellip


Prosthetik Intelligentz VS. Shade Cobain – Love Fizzle (WORD IS BOND VS.)

Let me introduce you all of you to another edition of The Word Is Bond Versus… It’s been a minute since we dropped a VS. we apologize for the slack and lack of exclusive heat created within the walls of WIB2.0…Ghea! We are now on deck with brand new tracks artists and heat!.. So sit [&hellip


WORD IS BOND VS: Carnage Vs. Luke St. John – Suns Of Kemet

Louisiana based emcee Luke St. John caught our ears last year with several quality songs and releases.  Around this time an up and coming beatmaker from Florida by the name of Carnage hit me up with his latest project and amongst the tracks there was one in particular that had me pressing replay.  With both artists sounds on [&hellip


WIB PRESENTS: Kinetik (Grand Central) – Flying High (MTV Brand New For 2012 Finalist)

CLICK IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO WIB AUTOMATIC!!!..Alright folks, this is a call here from all the guys at the Word Is Bond, hoping you’ll help our progressive hip-hop movement grow. We’re sure you’ll agree Christmas is a time for giving; and our one wish this is year is that you’ll vote for us in MTV’s [&hellip

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