Let me introduce you all of you to another edition of The Word Is Bond Versus… It’s been a minute since we dropped a VS. we apologize for the slack and lack of exclusive heat created within the walls of WIB2.0…Ghea! We are now on deck with brand new tracks artists and heat!.. So sit back and relax to the unreleased sounds of the next contenders on the WIB VS…

When first setting my deaf ears upon the trio from North Carolina.. It was there when it was immediately known to me that the sound of Prosthetik Intelligentz represent is that of Ezzie B, Hip+Hop, and B.Doom dropping knowledge within rhythm and speech.
So who do we have up next to bat… We have a third of Prosthetik Intellgentz..Emcee “Ezzie B” taking on the challenge into rippin’ into a unreleased track and giving it that P.I. steeze… If you have not got wind of this Raleigh trio, they are the new revamped sound of a golden era sound.. Highly recommend you cop all their projects as they never disappoint and stay true to their roots..

Hailing from Pennsylvania.. This composer has been putting in hard work in the craft game for years now and wihin the last two years it has been stated that he dropped 10 albums.. Let me introduce to “Shade Cobain”.. It’s wise to say that while listening to this man’s unique style of audible art, he has skills and passion. His interpretation of 90’s style hip hop is on point and his neo soul technique is too ill.. He’s made a fissure within’ the production game and the continuance to do so plays out like oxygen.. If you are now just listening to this creation and you like it. I Highly recommend you cop Shade Cobain in your rotation.. Don’ succumb to slumber..ghea.

These two artists have been featured on WIB and still we continue to support that fresh.. so it was only right to have these two bring you that hiphop you deserve.. In the midst of the madness was really trying to get this track out for Valentines Day.. but within time restraints and transitioning to the new WIB2.0… “Love Fizzle” never saw the light of day.. Well today ladies and gentleman we have a an unreleased Versus track.. North Carolina Vs. Pennslyvania … Ezzie B (Prosthetik Intelligentz) VS. Shade Cobain… “Love Fizzle” … Spread and Support!

Please Keep an ear out for Brand New Projects both from Prosthetik Intelligentz with their upcoming summer project “The Lo-Fi Experiment.” and also Shade Cobain will be releasing a new project soon… Keep an ear out and slap this knock!..


Shade Cobain: Twitter

Prosthetik Intelligentz: Twitter

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