What we have here is a rarity between sound and mind…Let me introduce ya’ll to the exclusive sounds of the WORD IS BOND VERSUS!! Oooowwweeee!!..Time to slap ya’ll necks with the brand new exclusive track, some of the “OG ‘s” that have been in the game for a minute and are still on deck to keep the hip hop masses happy.

It took me 15 seconds after hearing the composition hand crafted by the great “Olde Soul” to dig is work and reach our. Olde Soul is a Los Angeles producer with a very under rated craft…The beat in this versus “Blood Sweat and Tears” is off the “Residue” instrumental project, it took me into an understanding that this type of sound is somewhat discontinued in the shift of music nowadays, and with that thought in mind, really wanted to take the track and give it more life than it already had… So with justice I took the liberty to contact the “49er’s” to kill the track with ease. Delaware’s “The 49er’s” is formed by Jas Mace and Marchitect they have been in the game since the 90’s and still murk anything muscically that comes across their path. Olde Soul and the 49er’s are both working on their respect projects as we speak and it’s highly recommended you keep us locked for further news.. The 49er’s are droppin’, “The World Record“, to be released on November 21, 2012. “As always, to celebrate our release, we are traveling to Japan to promote the album..” – 49ers.

With out further adue, Here is the latest exclusive track of the WORD IS BOND Series “BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS“… 49er’s VS. OldeSoul…GGGGHHHEEEAAAAA BANG THIS PROPERLY MY FRIENDS!!!

Make sure you take the time to listen to all the previous versus tracks  Click Here For more VS




Artwork by: MissMalerie

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